Sunny Northern Ireland

This would be an oxymoron normally but we’ve been blessed with TOTALLY cloudless sky so although I was gonna write a review on the movie Doubt I’m gonna grace you all with more pictures. See you tomorrow!

View from our back garden

You're entitled to mistake this for a beach in Spain!

Coffee in the sun, can't think of anything better!

Ballyholme Marina

Ward Park,Bangor

Daffodils, Ward Park, Bangor

Spring Look

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Mum of one beautiful girl. Daughter of a wonderful woman. Wife of a very entrepreneurial man.

3 Responses to Sunny Northern Ireland

  1. I moved to England almost 6 years ago and i am ashamed to say that i never visited Northen Ireland :( maybe someday :)

    • oana79 says:

      Yes, people are very friendly, almost as warm as the Romanians. They also have a very sharp sense of humour, I think you would enjoy visiting!

  2. Awh it is lovely to see our home town looking so lovely, trying not to be homesick! :)

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