Month: June 2012

Family Photos

I haven’t linked into the Gallery for absolute ages. This week’s theme got me really excited, actually, as I tried to recall if I have any family photos I can use. Not of our tiny family unit, for a change, but of our big Romanian and Greek family units. I even woke up early a few mornings ago and found myself counting…cousins. I think I counted them all in when I say I have 14 on my mother’s side and 10 on my dad’s side. Unfortunately, last time I saw my dad’s family together was before the digital camera age so I have nothing on them :-(. Anyway, here goes, my family theme for this week.

What to expect when you’re expecting

I can’t remember last time I saw a movie in a cinema. Oh wait, something vague is coming to mind…it’s been a few months at least. Anyway, last night I just decided to go solo, left toddler with hubby for the last half an hour of her awake time and fled the house. Quite literally. Gooodness knows when I’ll be able to do this next, with us travelling to a different country and all… I didn’t have much time to check reviews on what’s good of all the movies that are out at the moment. What to expect had a cute trailer. Although seeing it I didn’t expect much ,to be honest, as I know trailers generally contain the best bits in the movie and I wasn’t particularly impressed by it. Okay, it had a large number of cliches ( all American movies do, I’m afraid): the rich and famous father who married a slut much younger woman and the scarred for life by his father’s behaviour son; the clueless father-gang thing protecting each other’s …

Moving on

Okay, one more week and we’ll be leaving this house. Although located in an ideal location and an enviable neighbourhood,  it proved to be more an in-between station for me and less of a home.We knew we were going to move on eventually and I never managed to accept it as more than what it was, a temporary stop. I also found the transition from having our own home to renting especially tough since I come from a family that never rented. It’s a Romanian thing, a legacy from the Communist times when everybody had to have a job and an apartment they would have usually payed during their working years. That goes to show you that ideas we were raised with and that were drummed into us as children stay with us for a lifetime and influence our happiness. It’s been some very interesting eight months with loads of ups and downs and many epiphanies. We lost what we both held dearest on the day we moved: my home and hubby’s successful business. We …