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Nutrisystem: A Christmas gift idea for the loved ones in the US

Today I am posting a featured post from Matthew, from WeightLoss Triumph, on the Nutrisystem meal plans. Unfortunately, the system cannot be bought in the UK so I added it under possible gifts for loved ones living in America. 

If you have searched for weight loss programs online, you would surely have come across Nutrisystem. Over the past four decades, Nutrisystem has risen to become a kingpin in the weight loss industry in the US, not only offering counseling and weight loss programs but a range of products designed to help people lose weight. Enrollment is free while you can find a coupon or promotion that enables you to save money on this weight loss program. Stay-at-home wife Ashley of Closet Samples and blogger Matthew of WeightLossTriumph.com offer Nutrisystem discount codes.

Nutrisystem’s experience in the field puts it above most other weight loss programs. Yet reputation alone cannot decide whether or not you should choose Nutrisystem. After all, there are several other effective weight loss programs on offer.

A surefire way to assess the quality and reliability of Nutrisystem is analyzing how it works and whether it will deliver the results you are looking for.

Nutrisystem food

Personalized Meal Plans

The first step you take after signing up for Nutrisystem is selecting a meal plan to follow. There are several options available to you, such as vegetarian, basic and silver (for people over 65). You can select the meal plan you feel is most suitable to your needs. Then, you can handpick the items you want to add to your meal plan or select one of the numerous pre-planned menus provided. Based on the meal plan, Nutrisystem will deliver the food items to your doorstep. This way, you can keep up with the guidelines and menu without having to go grocery shopping even once. Each meal plan spans 28 days so choose wisely.

Tracking Progress

Once you have selected the meal plan, you have to start following it from that day. As you now know, the meal plans are designed for a period of 28 days. That is the minimum period of time for which you have to follow the plan before deciding whether or not the results are up to your expectations. Nutrisystem provides you a Daily Planner to track the progress you are making as well as My Daily 3 which encourages you to become physically active. Watch Nutrisystem community members Kristi and Margo as they share tips and advice on how you can exercise while on Nutrisystem

Free Tools and Support for Guidance

Nutrisystem provides not only the menu and guidelines you have to follow, but also support and guidance should you require it. Some people have a hard time changing their eating habits and lifestyle to keep up with the Nutrisystem weight loss program. It is then that you can call up a counselor for free consultation and advice. The professionals at Nutrisystem will advise you regarding various aspects of following a weight loss program. Plus, you will get the answers to any questions you have in mind.

Transition and Maintenance Plans

Nutrisystem not only helps you lose weight, but it ensures that you keep it off as well. Its Transition and Maintenance programs provide the information and guidance you require to keep the extra pounds off once you have gotten rid of them. You can also use your membership at Nutrisystem to track your weight after you have successfully completed the weight loss program.

This is how Nutrisystem works. The weight loss program provides the tools and guidance you require to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. No wonder Nutrisystem has managed to sustain its popularity for more than 40 years.

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  1. Matthew Denos says

    Hello Oana,

    when I lived in the US, I remember how popular Nutrisystem was. You can buy the food online or from stores like Costco. A few years ago, in addition to the pre-packaged shelf food, the company incorporated into their menu fresh food. They now have over 150 meal selections of kitchen prepared food that arrives to your home frozen in special containers.

    • That sounds handy, Matthew, especially for people who work 9 to 5, have a long commute back home but are health conscious!

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