Silent Sunday- 05/01/2014


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Mum of one beautiful girl. Daughter of a wonderful woman. Wife of a very entrepreneurial man.

28 Responses to Silent Sunday- 05/01/2014

  1. The power of the sea has shown itself again lately hasn’t it

  2. This is simply breathtaking, Oana! Beautiful photo! xxx

  3. What a beautiful scene, so relaxing x

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    wow thats beautiful x

  5. Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s a stunning shot, looks a very choppy sea though.

  6. What a fantastic scene.

  7. Beautiful shot of a beautiful scene!

  8. That is stunning! Such a dramatic shot.

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    Wow! Beautiful shot x

  10. hpmcq says:

    i can’t tell you how many photos i take of the sea! i can’t help watching it x

  11. bavariansojourn says:

    So serene and soothing! :)

  12. Charly Dove says:

    Oh wow just stunning :)

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