Littlest Pet Shop Review

Show-titleThe latest in the review series on the blog has been generously provided by Hasbro via Tots100 and it is a whole set of the Littlest Pet Shop small toys: Blythe’s Bedroom (RRP £29.99), The Spa (RRP £14.99)and The Treat set (RRP £14.99).

10570118_1497890407167182_1735070060_nThe playset is inspired by the TV series with the same name, which is running on POP, the children’s TV channel. Blythe, the teenage protagonist of the series lives a great new life adventure when she moves into an flat above Littlest Pet Shop where she learns she can talk with the pets who hang out in the shop.

Emma is only 5 and the recommended age group for the Littlest Pet Shop sets is +6 but she took to them immediately. She, indeed, needed a bit of help assembling the structures (which, as you can see in the picture, come as flat packs) but had no issue letting her imagination run wild with them, as you can see in the picture below. We found the small bits a bit fiddly and the amount of accessories a bit overwhelming to start with but we had great fun recreating Blythe’s bedroom and the pets’ spa.



I have downloaded the free Littlest Pet Shop app for Emma as well and there is a number of features we haven’t got to exploring yet, like scanning the pets with the mobile phone and having them teleport themselves into the virtual world! I am sure Emma will be absolutely fascinated, if not a little bit confused, with the possibility of putting real toys into the make-believe world of an app.

Disclaimer:We were sent the sets to review and keep but the opinions expressed in this blog post are entirely our own.

We are very grateful for the opportunity we were given by Tots 100 and Hasbro to review the playsets. We found them easy enough to assemble and they promise plenty of fun to be had by Emma, for the months and years to come!

Santa Letters

Just like any other five year old, Emma loves Santa. I have blogged about how we introduced Santa in our family and about how we have tried to reconcile the idea of Santa with that of Jesus‘ birthday and celebration. Last year we used this beautiful image I had found online to explain to Emma that Santa doesn’t have to replace Jesus: photoThis year Emma has been asking more questions about Santa and a couple of times she has even asked me if he is real. I feel uncomfortable telling her fibbs so instead I kept saying to her that he is God’s helper and that he is bringing gifts that God has for her. Emma also wrote her first letter to Santa this year, with daddy’s help, asking for a “guitar, my size” and about Georgie’s whereabouts in Heaven. Too sweet!! santa letterThis morning, Santa replied to her letter, via the Lapland Mailroom! Back in October, the elves in Lapland were looking for mummy bloggers to review their Santa letter service and we happily volunteered! Emma received a personalised letter, a “Nice Child Certificate” and an activity pack including a:

  • Colouring in page “Santa Stop Here!”
  • Elf Yourself Activity Sheet
  • Colouring In Christmas Card (wich has been dutifully filled in under dictation and will leave for Emma’s grandparents’ household shortly.)
  • Door Hanger for Emma’s bedroom
  • Colour in Christmas tree decoration

Personal touches, Emma’s best friend gets a mention in the letter too!

photo 4

photo 2 Beautiful graphics, excellent quality both in delivery as in the attention paid to detail.

For all the mummies and daddies out there looking to be Santa’s helpers this year and deliver letters on his behalf, the packs come at £7.95. In our opinion they are a great way to build up the excitement leading up to Christmas and make this period of the year a little more magical!

On the first day of Christmas…

“On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

45 days to Christmas, hard to believe, isn’t it, where has this year flown?

Today marks the beginning  of my blog’s Christmas advent calendar of posts and my invitation to share in the anticipation: the next month and a half will delight my readers with a variety of reviews of beautiful products and Christmas gift inspiration.

Of course, for us as a bereaved family, this Christmas will be very difficult as it will be the first one without our Georgie. But I am trying very hard and making a conscious effort to see the beauty in this season, despite the anticipated pain. For Emma’s sake, most importantly. And for us, as a couple, as this could be a time to recharge and grow closer if we prepare wisely for it.

Preparation, per definition, is “the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration”, “something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.” It is the conscious mental and/or physical effort to anticipate and await readily for the future to unfold.

And I do not want to anticipate only pain, although pain will definitely be part of the season. I want to prepare for Christmas with joy, I want to, as the L’Occitane en Province video below puts it so well, “dance my way into the holiday season.”

A dance of celebration for the life that still is in me. A dance of celebration of the good things that can still happen to us as a family. A dance of hope for the future, the short and the long-term future.
So if, like me, you will be intently and consciously be making an effort to enjoy this year’s Christmas celebrations, why not try a little something different this year? Instead of spoiling everybody else around you, and putting yourself last like always, why don’t you head to the magical L’Occitane online Christmas store and choose a gift for yourself?
This is my challenge for you and for myself.
I picked the Relaxing Lavender Collection because I love lavender and I do feel it would do me a world of good, taking some time to myself to soak and relax. And if you love a bargain like me, you would be delighted to learn it has been reduced to £45.50 from £66.50!
What would you choose from their beautiful collection and why, please do let me know.

#Morning Stories

I live with my heart split in two. I have two lives at the moment. One is a “normal”, day to day existence where I go shopping for clothes with my four year old and we share a bun in a coffee shop. The other one is the world of central lines and chemo treatment and tube feeds. The heart-breaking bit is that they are all for my wee baby who is not even four months old…

Days before Georgie was diagnosed, I signed up for the #MorningStories Challenge. Back then, the challenge would have been to get both kids dressed and ready by 8.45, in time to get Emma to playgroup! Oh, if I could turn back the time…

Now, the challenges are much more complex. I try not to think at the other side of my life while I am with one of the children. Try not to worry about them missing me and me missing essential tidbits of their daily existence. A smile, a gurgle, a picture being painted, a deep thought being expressed, anguish being released…

I have two of everything now. Two sweet children. Two toothbrushes, one home, one in the hospital bag. Two pyjama bottoms. Two hair baubles, one in my bedside table drawer, one in my back pocket. And sometimes, two breakfasts. And sometimes none.

The other day the nurses were too busy prioritising the emergencies and had no time for me and my silly need for cereal and milk. So I was glad I had brought some of the BelVita breakfast biscuits with me, they saw me through the morning until things settled down and I got my milk. The lovely ladies at BritMums also sent me a Costa gift card which I will be putting to good use one of these rainy mornings, while baby is busy with the play therapist.

This post is an entry for the #MorningStories Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at

I am planning a big party once this ordeal is over and my baby home. If I win one of the 10 £100 John Lewis vouchers awarded I will put it towards our celebration of being together again!




Tommee Tippee Sangenic Plus Nappy Wrapper Tub – A Review

I was over the moon when I was contacted by the lovely folk at BabiesRUs and informed that our application to become a babyologist family has been successful!

The first product we got to try out and review was the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Plus Nappy Wrapper Tub. Bang on, I thought since I had a baby 12 weeks ago and there is definitely a lot of nappies being disposed of at the moment in our household!



The moment we received the product on the post I was a bit surprised to find it so light. As a “nappy disposal system” I expected something sturdier but it was actually a plastic bin with a film inside meant to wrap around and completely isolate the offensive smells emanating from the disposed nappies. I decided to put it to the test immediately. I found the system easy to use, the film is meant to be tied and secured inside so that the nappies don’t actually fall through. Easily done! Once the first dirty nappy was delivered that day, we enthusiastically placed it in the nappy tub and waited for a few hours to see if it does what it claims to be good at: actually isolate the smell! I was a bit disappointed to find my bathroom smelling foul a few hours later when I went to dispose of the next nappy and decided to remove the nappy and put it in the bin outside.

I would recommend the system as a bin where you can dispose of wet nappies mainly. If you live in an apartment and don’t have the easy option to dispose of offensive nappies right away, I would recommend it, on condition that it is emptied at the end of the day/every 24 hours max!

I am sorry that my first review for BabiesRUs hasn’t been as positive as I would have liked. I hope the next product we get to try would be better :-)

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My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream-A review

Sunflower CreamHands up if you have an obsession with hand cream,like I do?

It started when I was a teenager, reading all those glam magazines and realising that my skin needs hydration and that it will continue to look young if I take proper care of it.

It continued in my adulthood when my thyroid started playing up, leaving my skin feeling dry, especially during winter and spring months. And then, my collection of hand creams, body lotions and milks continued to grow, to the point that now, there is always a tube in every bag I own and a pot in every bathroom(we have three in this house), on the kitchen sill and a couple of “emergency” ones in the bathroom cupboard, for the unlikely situation of me ever running out of hand cream :-)

So you can imagine my reaction when I was offered the opportunity to review My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream. I had no hesitation saying yes and was very curious to try it out since it came with high praise.

You see, the cream has been used in the NHS system(more precisely in the Salisbury hospital) for a while now and has been designed specifically with skin patients in mind. It contains sunflower oil(hence the name!), aimed to help replace essential fatty acids and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. I have no skin conditions but people with dermatitis swear by its efficacy.

What did I think of it?

I chose the lavender version and was pleasantly impressed with the subtle smell and velvety feel. It did leave my hands feel soft, although be it a bit greasy, so try applying it on the back of your hands rather than on the whole surface, especially if you drive.

At £11.99 per 250 ml dispenser, it would be a bit on the dear side but considering the fact that ALL proceeds go to the NHS, so hopefully, back to our care, it is a fair deal.

If I got your interest and want to give it a go, head to their official website and have a look for yourselves.


Dotty Stripes: A Class Eco-Friendly Product Review

032Back in January, the lovely Ania from Dotty Stripes offered us a baby blankie to review. From the moment we started emailing, I could tell she was one of a kind girl, dedicated to do one of a kind things!

My intuition proved right when the blankie arrived. A high quality, fair-sized unique linen creation, which I will sure use to cover and comfort my baby way into his toddler years! Yes, you read right, the blankies are all unique as they are ordered and manually created in Poland in a small enterprise run by her family.

I love the linen used to make them, soft to touch, cool for warm days and toasty for winter nights.

But most of all, I admire Ania’s dedication to product quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity. In a world where all is ready-made and factory-produced, and where everybody’s priority is the price but not necessarily the quality, people like Ania and their commitment to produce high-quality, organic products are rare.

So why don’t you have a look at her brand new site and give her some love (and more importantly, place some orders!) to encourage her on the way?


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