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My name is Oana(that’s pronounced Wana). I was born in Romania in 1979. I have many good childhood memories thanks to my mother who was our safe haven during the mindless political regime and afterwards, in the jungle of the new found democracy..

I am now in my mid-30s and I have been living in Northern Ireland since I got married. I’m married to Alex, an adventurous and handsome  Greek man who misses his homeland.

Elvetia 2009 052


I have a sweet five year old girl called Emma whom I’m striving to raise into a well-rounded, whole person…


In January 2014 our boy and very special gift from above, Georgie Ioannis, was born after a long wait but our joy turned into anguish only three months later when he was diagnosed with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, a subtype of acute myeloid leukemia. Georgie fought like a super hero for two and a half months but unfortunately lost his battle with blood cancer on July the 5th, 2014. 

110Mama’s Haven is now the place where I document our grief and try to make sense of our tragedy while attempting to move onto a new “normality.”






  1. Wow! So nice to see another romanian lady and mum blogging. I am now subscribed to your blog and looking forward to read more about you and your family.
    Imi place ce spui despre tine.

    • Thank you! I am subscribed to yours too and I will keep in touch as I think it’s so great we’re both blogging on so many similar things:motherhood,Romania, toddlers..xx

  2. Maria @ Feisty Tapas says

    Hi, thanks so much for your comment on my bilingualism post on Tots100. I left you a reply there but it’s not showing for some reason.

    It’s nice to know another Oana (I know quite a few through work). I’m going to subscribe to your blog and I look forward to keeping in touch.

  3. Hi Oana, It was really lovely to meet you at the workshop on the weekend. I hope you got back to Belfast safely. I’m really sorry that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I hope we can keep in touch and good luck with your writing! Your blogs really interesting so I will make sure that I come back and visit! Take Care, Doris

    • Hi Doris, I didn’t want to disturb when I left on Sunday as Joanna was still talking. It was lovely to meet you, hope we can keep in touch!

  4. Love your name and your story. I am saddened you had to lose your son. I can tell you he will always be in your heart. My son is always in my heart and it has been 11 years.

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