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This blog has started in 2012 as a hobby and as a need to write down my thoughts, frustrations and accomplishments as a stay at home mother.

I had never dreamt that it would grow into a outlet of extreme sorrow, when we lost our son in 2014 and a helpful tool to so many other bereaved parents.

My honest and heartfelt writing has been awarded in several occasions: Mama’s Haven was one of the most inspirational blogs in 2015, according to the biggest parenting blogging network in the UK, BritMums and received recognition by shortlisted Brilliance In Blogging Awards.


In 2015, I was also nominated by Rebateszone and included in a prestigious second place in their annual Top 50 Mummy Bloggers in UK.


This year, KRED, the impartial score and platform for increasing your Online Influence, has included me among their top 1% mummy bloggers leaders:


Although I never set to start a blog from which I can make a living, things progressed organically and I now take sponsored posts and reviews on a regular basis.

I have worked with prestigious brands and institutions like Tesco, The Cooperative, Lloyd’s Bank and House of Fraser. I have created beautiful, relevant content for luxury brands like Angel’s Face, Lottie Dolls and Joules.

My aims for 2016 are to become a travel blogger ambassador, improve my photography by attending a course for bloggers and maybe start making a living from my writing and reviewing on a more regular basis.

If you would like to work with Mama’s Haven, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your article or proposal at




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  1. When you love doing something, and you do it with passion, no matter what it is, you will surely find the recognition from others 🙂

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