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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 36 – Happy Romanian Easter week!

I know, I know, even my blog didn’t recognise me as its owner today and needed me to sign in. Total neglect would be the feeling it would have, if blogs had their own feelings 🙂 Anyway, I am back to say hello and enhance your cultural knowledge by informing you it’s pre-Easter weekend in Romania. Meaning that from Monday this week people in Romania have been cooking up a feast. Mentally and literally. As a child I experienced mixed feelings during this week. I dreaded the Monday before Easter because my mum would have gone into a (totally uncharacteristic for her) cleansing frenzy involving lifting carpets, washing windows (with a mixture of soapy water and vinegar and drying them with newspapers until they squeaked!!), dusting every crook and cranny in the house, washing curtains…etc. Tuesdays were generally reserved for beating the carpets. Oh yeah, that was waaaay before we owned a vacuum cleaner(by the way, she owns one now but she’s told me this week that she still doesn’t know how to use it…) …

Easter week in Romania

Prohodul Domnului/Jesus’ Burial If I was in Romania the week before Easter there would be a flurry of activity in the house( cleaning, cooking…etc) but also high attendance to evening services that remind us of Jesus’ death and finally resurrection. I miss the latest part, all the singing along frinds and family, all the sadness and then all the joy… I am sharing a video today. They normally sing all this long song (I don’t remember how many verses, around 57 maybe or more!) on the “Holy Friday” over the period of a couple of hours. And it’s all about Jesus’ death!