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Freedom Writers

I feel like I’ve been shooting my blog in the foot lately because I couldn’t post anything decent and coherent in the last week. But my mind has been occupied by more pressing issues since last Sunday and it’s only started coming back to a more normal state in the last day or so.

Our family has been on a roller coaster of emotions, motions and locomotions since August and things haven’t settled yet. It looks like we can’t move forward yet although, as I have said in a previous post, this would have been hubby’s preferred option. So we’re staying in Northern Ireland for a while(sigh of relief from my side!). But waiting has its bad connotations, hasn’t it? It is more often than not associated with missing out on something bigger and better. A hindrance rather than a necessary step in the natural order of things towards a pre-established goal.

Waiting room symptoms? Impatience, inability or unwillingness to enjoy the present moment. Irritability at one’s misfortune. Fatalism and indecision. Here’s where we’ve both been this week.

Tonight we watched “Freedom Writers” together. Second time watching it but we were as in awe of it now as we were the first time. As I said after watching “The Vow” a few weeks ago, the human soul has the ability to distinguish Hollywood polish from substance and boy, you get loads of it in these two movies!!

Then, boom, came my moment: what if my waiting is not just for waiting and moaning? This time was given to us for a reason and because I can’t see it yet the next best thing is to make it up!! So I will have to assume this waiting time is for living and enjoying! I was given another year in a great place, with people who are kind, genuine and full of humour! Well, I can think of a few places on this earth I’d rather not be and Northern Ireland is definitely not one of them! Here is to another great year here!

Making ourselves comfortable here for another wee while.

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  1. Ionela says

    Ziceai la inceput ca mesajele precedente erau incoerente?? Hmmm… mai degraba as zice ca din asta de azi n-am inteles mai nimic 😀 Poate e durerea mea de cap (care ma chinuie de vreo 4 zile) cea care nu m-a ajutat sa ma concentrez.
    Legat de asteptare… cunosc foarte bine sentimentul. Mai ales cand nu exista deadline. Asa e, mintea iti e ocupata gandindu-te la ce/cum/cand va fi incat uiti de prezent. Nici nu-ti dai seama cand trece ziua/zilele iar in final esti epuizat. Din experienta, pot spune ca mai devreme sau mai tarziu vine si finalul mult asteptat si atunci simti o mare usurare, relaxare, etc.

    • Da, nu stiu cind o sa vina si la noi usurarea, Ionela. Deocamdata trebuie sa ne multumim cu momentul prezent pentru ca nu putem face planuri de nici un fel..asa e viata uneori.xx

  2. Ionela says

    De data asta nu stiu cat de coerenta am fost eu. 🙂 Imi e mai usor sa ma exprim oral decat in scris.

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