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Weekend fun

The weather has been surprisingly good the last few weeks so we made the most of it, by going to a farm and a museum. Have a look at what Northern Ireland is like in the sunshine!

Open Ark Farm, Newtownards

Buffaloes enjoying the dry weather(and hay). Same farm.

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum,Cultra

Taking off in an antique tram. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

Toddler spotting airplanes

It's warm but not that warm yet!


    • Iva, it has been so good to shed the winter layers and just enjoy the sun carelessly. So carelessly I got a kidney infection now😦. How are you all coping, will the boys be allowed to go to school this week?xx

      • Oana,dear hope you are resting and relaxing now. I am sure you know to take some cranberry juice-it will flush all the bacteria away.Ari is with a fever and a sore throat now so we will see in a few days.Apart from that we are great-everybody is being very good and coping well.xx

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