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On illness and encouragement

Okay, I was hoping to go and see the Titanic Quarters last weekend but the opportunity never materialised. Instead I was back to nursing sick people in our home. This time it was my hubby. He came down, fast and furious, with the same throat infection Ems had at Easter. And I was not a happy bunny!!

It’s not the nursing that got to me, it’s never the nursing in itself, it was the constant moaning: one toddler on the mend, making demands for my exclusive attention; one sick hubby, feeling sorry for himself and sniffling miserably around the house.That and the ISOLATION. You have to remember I had been in the house ALL Easter week with a feverish child (she was given antibiotic that Friday but she was still weak on Easter Sunday) and I missed hubby’s birthday party on Easter Saturday and the Easter service. Both events had been much anticipated but eluded me at the last moment. I just couldn’t bring myself to drag a wretched toddler out of the house just because I needed to see friends and take part in the Easter celebrations.

So all that kept building up over two weeks. And it did get to me this Sunday past. So as the worthy daughter of a former nurse, I ordered hubby to see the out of hours doctor and stop moping about and then I had an emotional shut down. I just didn’t have anything else to give. I downloaded the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy and I finished it in a day and a half. That sort of focused my mind on something else. Today I came upon this other book, “Mother Letters”, that’s just been released. “Share the mess and the glory”, such an appropriate logo for parenthood. It promises encouragement and support, a silent companion for mothers everywhere. Check it out. I sure will, my only regret is that I haven’t found it on Sunday night. It might have filled my emotional tanks sooner…


    • Many thanks, Missah. I removed the direct link as they don’t have it on yet. But you can still order it from

  1. cristina says

    This would be a good moment for me to deliver that little doll I had promised a long time ago.. Let’s discuss shipping details these days, ok? 🙂 hugs

  2. Dear, sweet Oana hope things will get better for you in the coming days. To be in demand is not easy at all, I know exactly and to make it harder you are not getting a brake from it . After a bit of mess is now time for some glory! I am glad at least you found some salvation in reading.Sending Love and blessings your way

    • Iva, I shouldn’t moan, you had three sick boys in the house for four weeks! I look forward to having coffee/tea together on Friday!xx

      • It wasn’t too bad I have to say 😉 Ari and Steli were well prepared for the pox and I just took it as an opportunity to relax and be together. I am looking forward to see you, too! xxx

  3. Oh man I feel you Oana! As much as I love my husband and toddler, it is not fun to nurse them when they’re unwell. On one hand, yes you have to be more sensitive to their needs and of course they feel terrible so they’re not going to be cheerful. But it’s also so draining when you’re the only one holding down the fort and everyone around you is miserable. I think you did good in taking time to read your books; books are also my escape!

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