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The miracle of raising a toddler

….is that they develop so fast that you can hardly keep up with them. In the last three weeks or so we noticed  Emms taking giant leaps in her speech and her imaginative play development. She has moved from two-three word sentences like “Mummy, water, peeease” to full-blown speech and coherent thoughts. It started with daddy getting it all in stereo: “Alex, can you hurry up, please?”… “Daaaaaaddyyy, hurry up!!!” If you find that amusing try imagining two women raging and stomping their feet at you in the same time… poor guy. It went on to Emms trying to put words together on her own, sometimes successfully, sometimes less so and sounding like a slurred drunk: “Mummy, me go shopping…take bag…need money..okay???”

Today I was washing the dishes after breakfast when I heard her say: “Mummy, there’s a big dinosaur.” I thought she was just imagining it. Daddy has been playing this “Peppa Pig living in a castle” game with her and her imagination sparks like fireworks when you least expect it. Daddy stepped in and he was promptly informed: “Daddy, there’s a big dinosaur.” “Oh, what colour, Emma?” “White, daddy.” She was still sitting at the breakfast table and she was pointing at a funnily-shaped cloud in the sky. “Oh, Emma is the dinosaur up in the sky?” “Yes, daddy.” “It’s an enormous one, Emma.” “Yes, daddy, it’s a massi one.” Never losing a chance to introduce new vocabulary I stepped in: “It’s an enormous one, Emma.” “No, mummy, not an enormous one. A massi(ve) one.”

What I also noticed is that Emms seems to remember things we have read together and makes connections between abstract concepts and reality. We read about shapes this Thursday in the library and this evening she pointed at a jar lid on the table and she said: “There’s a circle, mummy.”


There’s a massive dinosaur, mummy!

I find our toddlers much more intellectually developed than we were at their age. I know our neighbour next door (two and a half as well) can count to 20 already and she could recognise colours from early in the year. What do you think? Do you have a clever toddler? What would you advise mummies when it comes to stimulating  clever toddlers?

P.S.- if you’re wondering about the redness on her cheek, no, it’s not sunburn. She’s got scarlet fever from Friday. I didn’t even know this was around anymore but here you go…You know where to find it now…It’s contagious so stay away for a while :-).

P.S.2-today I am linking into Tuesday Tots, at Growing a Jeweled Rose, please click link or badge in the right hand side column for loads of creative and fun ideas to entertain your clever toddler!


  1. Emma is incredibly smart and sensible and she will keep getting better. I do agree , that kids nowadays have access to an enormous amount of information , or as Emma would say a massi one 🙂
    Keep doing what you are doing it works.

  2. Go Emma! I think my toddler is pretty bright too but I suppose every toddler has his or her own special skills. It’s amazing how much vocabulary and grammar they pick up! I think my biggest tip for raising clever ones is to foster a love of learning. So if they’re concentrating on something, let them keep doing it. Expose them to tons of books. Explore your surroundings, that sort of thing. I don’t think it has to be academic at this point, more like encouraging their exploration and curiosity.

    • Thank you, I am a teacher by training and nature so she will definitely get it, one way or another, the love of learning :-). I feel I have this treasure to mold and every day should see me encourage her to take in more of this world. Thanks for all the great tips.xx

  3. Alvin Schlechten says

    Scarlet fever is an age-old childhood scourge that has been rare in the United States since 1970. Caused by group A strep infection, the illness causes fever, sore throat, white spots on the tonsils, swollen lymph nodes, a bright-red “strawberry” tongue, and a tell-tale red rash that starts on the abdomen and spreads throughout the body within two days. Scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics, but the new Hong Kong strain appears to be resistant to at least two commonly used drugs.’

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