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Settled and taking on new challenges

We have been in Greece for nearly six weeks now. The house is furnished, the air con is in and everybody is settled into a comfortable routine. I am actually very content with it as with Emma we get to go for walks in the morning before it gets too hot(and the place we live in couldn’t be safer and more entertaining for a young child), then we have some Dora the Explorer time while mummy cooks. Siesta is a must every day and it’s not a rare occurrence for Emma to do up to three hours of zzzzzzzz….while mummy reads or rests. In the afternoon we do some indoor activity until it cools off and the we’re off to the beach for an evening swim with Daddy. We go to bed quite late because we always delay either with a gyros or souvlaki in the village square or watermelon or home baked sweets with our dear friends and neighbours.

So it’s time for me to get back into blogging…I have been reading a lot of very interesting books lately and watched a very touching movie I want to write about in the days to come. I have taken(and plan to take more) lovely pics of our family times and want to share them with you. And I know I wouldn’t make time if I didn’t have a motivator so I will take the one post a day Word Press challenge starting from today. So, get used to me again,folks!

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  1. That’s great ,Oana! So glad you settled well. I love the sound of your routine. :-)Welcome to a post a day-I have been doing it now for 79 days. Looking forward to your posts. Sending blessings and love

    • Thanks Iva, I was getting lazy with my writing so I needed a challenge. I got the idea of postaday from you, hope you don’t mind!xx

      • Don’t be silly, I am happy for you, I got the idea from another mummy blogger and I think you will do really well. Happy blogging and Enjoy!

  2. Wow! So that is that you are now in Greece! Your life seems so nice and relaxing! I can get how relaxed you are from the way you write. I’m very happy for you and jealous at the same time!
    Ma bucur ca iti este bind Oana!

    • Thank you, I have been really happy with the move and I guess this shows in my writing as well :-). Wish you all the best too with your pregnancy and your decision to move to Romania!!xxx

  3. I’m not sure if/why my comment didn’t published…
    Anyway I’m very happy you are relaxed and happy! It looks like the ideal life 🙂

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