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Let’s get them a bed, mummy!

Hello friends! I haven’t kept in touch, I know and I apologise. I guess I had nothing worth noting on blog. But I am here now to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

The last few weeks I have been trying to think on the meaning of Christmas. Not at length, mind you, ’cause nothing can be done at length when you mother a small child. But between playgroup pick ups, present wrapping, daily cooking, frequent husband admonishing and tedious child rearing I found here and there moments of mental rest(rare!) when I pondered on the birth of Jesus.

Ever since I watched Oranges and Blossoms last summer, this nagging question stayed with me: what are the things happening at the moment in my proximity that I choose to turn a blind eye on rather than get involved in the change? How are children nowadays affected by the grown-ups indifference and choice of comfort? Some answers were revealed to me but I kept postponing action due to the practicalities of involvement, I suppose.

It was an attitude that sent a young, heavily pregnant mother to a stable 2000 years ago to give birth in less than hygienic conditions. Indifference, placidity, choice of personal comfort over humanity and kindness.

And then last night, my daughter blew my mind away during our bedtime story routine with the simplicity of her heart. We have looked before at the story of the manger but this time she noticed that Mary and Joseph were standing in the stable and asked me where their bed was. I answered there was none for them and probably they roughed it for a couple of nights before they got better accommodation. Her answer humbled me: “But mummy, they need a bed. Let’s get in the car and go get them a bed!”

My friends, if your heart has been burning over things God has showed you get in the car and go get a bed for the ones who are in need. Otherwise Christmas will be restricted to cosy homes decorated with tinsel but empty of meaning.

Happy, meaningful Christmas!

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