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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 10 – Dieting and Kids

“And I don’t even like you!”

I bet your first thought was: “Naughty little one!” when you read the line above. But hey, I’m going to surprise you(once again!) and say, no, actually, that’s what I said to Emma yesterday evening after a day of eating too little and doing too much!

I had a busy weekend, then on Sunday night I didn’t sleep until midnight as BBC1 decided not to work at 8 p.m., time for “Call the Midwife” and I stayed up catching up with the girls in the latest episode on iPlayer.

Then yesterday morning I grazed on pita bread and hummus, went for a 30-minute power walk and then just rushed on to work at 1. Biiiiig mistake! I managed to grab half an apple and a banana but it was way too little in terms of nutrition(for running around after 3 young kids!) and at 5.30, when I returned from work I was RAVENOUS. Not a good time for Emma to put on a little tantrum over leggings but hey, three-year olds were never known for their subtlety and empathy…And then I snapped. Like a twig. And I said stupid things to her like: “I don’t even like you!”

Lesson learnt: eat appropriately for the day ahead! It’s okay to graze if you’re in the house, lazying around on a Sunday morning but it’s definitely NOT okay to starve yourself when you have a busy day ahead!

Yesterday was day 10 of this healthy living challenge, only 30 days to go!!


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  1. Emma is a wee monkey on that photo.You are only human , Oana, when you haven’t eaten and doing so much its only normal to feel grumpy and easily irritable.Do you like any nuts ? Almonds or wallnuts are so filling and if you have them handy , just a few of them will help your body not panic that there won’t be food. Whatever you do don’t starve, eat something when you are hungry -pepper, tomato, celery ,carrot , broccoli ,cucumber, salad,nuts, dried fruits, even a spoonful of hazelnut butter 😉 You are a quarter of the way of your challenge, and working and looking after the family ! Well done! xxxxxx

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