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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 30 – The Last Quarter

I know I have taken forever with this challenge and my 40 days will end up being 50 but hey, I was never known for writing posts for the sake of writing them…there were days I didn’t have anything informative or interesting to write about and so my 40-day challenge got a little prolonged. But the end in in sight,hurray!

I have learned a lot during this challenge.

I have read a lot, discovered a lot of “food trends”, acquainted myself with a lot of healthy, vegetarian, vegan and paleo food bloggers out there.

I have also realised that I could never be a full-time vegan because I find the opinion that eliminating even honey and eggs from one’s diet extreme and probably non-beneficial to the human body in the long term. On the other hand, you would never find me going to a “sausage party” and learning to slaughter animals at home. One step too far in the other direction, me thinks…

I have been inspired to try new foods by both vegan and paleo bloggers and fell in love with quinoa, bulgur, smoked salmon and organic butter among other things.

I have accumulated knowledge about the healing properties of plants, fruit and veggies that I have felt compelled to share with my Facebook friends (I think some have muted me already ;-).

I have also been reminded of the wickedness of the human nature and how people would use promises of health to ruthlessly extract money out of their fellow humans.

But most importantly, I have learned about myself. That I can stick with a goal, even when I see no my visible results. I am not a patient person so this has been a challenge for me. But I have pushed through!

This is day 30 of my healthy living challenge, take heart,the end of these posts is in sight 😉

P.S.-and because I use these posts as a means to keep myself accountable but also celebrate my success , I must inform you that after more than a week of a plateau at 68.4, this morning the scales read 68!! Hurray!


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