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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 32 – Jesus, my insurance

This is a no-food post but it’s something God made clear to me through recent events. Because it’s Good Friday I thought it would be a  great time to share these thoughts with you all.

Remember, I had a wee car bump a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that it was the most insignificant sort of collision you might have on the road(and the most fortunate, as no-one was injured in any way) I drove in fear for a week or so. I have always been a very careful driver, I had Emma with me when the bump happened so I was scared the same thing might happen again. In the end I prayed as driving was becoming very tiring and the fear left.

Then I had to sort the scratch itself. Thankfully I had very good insurance(hubby says) and they released repair funds this week and everything will be sorted next week. Plus I will have a courtesy car for the time my car gets mended, hurray!!

I was very thankful when they told me about it this week from the garage. And then I heard God speak to my heart and say: “Jesus’ sacrifice works exactly like your car insurance. An insurance is not there to cover damage just in the case when you’re not guilty. The insurance is designed especially for the times when you are guilty of doing something you weren’t meant to. What it does in those circumstances? It covers the damage and it makes everything as new.”

Maybe for other people that would mean nothing in particular. But for me it’s the answer to a heart-felt prayer that I have been saying for years: “God, please make me understand your sacrifice on the cross. Help me make sense of it.”

I do now. I am grateful today not only for my insurance company but most of all, for Jesus, the greatest insurer!


“He is not here, he is risen!” -Luke 24:6


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