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Little girl update

Last night as I was putting Emma to bed I had this revelation: these girly moments will not be common occurrence from January since the new baby’s arrival is due to disturb our soothing night routines(and not only…). I felt a twinge of regret for my little girl as I know she will experience a wide (and probably wild!) range of emotions with the arrival of her baby brother. I felt empathy as she was lying down, half asleep and content by my side and for a moment saw the world through her little girl’s eyes; I promised myself I will do my very best to prevent her initial feelings of confusion, loneliness and fear. I vowed to myself not to push her aside and tell her what we usually say to older children in these circumstances: “be patient”, “you’re older, just wait for your turn”, “he is younger, just let him have the toy”…etc.

And then, I had an idea: yes, I have been posting photos of the bump on my Facebook page and written a blog post on pregnancy wear recently but the last time I wrote about Emma was a good few months ago , complaining about her still-toddlerish behaviour.  But Emma has changed so much this summer, she has grown in leaps and bounds not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally so I think a “little girl update” is overdue.

Soooo, where do I start?

I suppose by letting you know that she’s a very sweet and sensitive girl.

That like any other nearly-four-year-old is afraid of the dark and scary monsters in the cupboard and requires assistance to place shoes and coats in it :-).

That she LOVES her daddy to the point that he felt a bit disappointed when he found out we were having a boy this time as he thinks a boy can’t provide the same level of loving adoration!

That she is very bright and thinks in logical sequences( my next post will show her figuring out by herself how to use the tool in her new Bug Farm) , she took that from me, obviously ;-)!

That she still has the odd meltdown and, dare I say, calms down only at the mention of the wooden spoon??(Disclaimer: I hardly need to make use of it, the simple mention seems to work like a charm).

That she can be as infuriating as any four year old and could ask the “why?” question until you run dry of answers and say something rude back, like “Because I say so” or “Please let me drive now” or “Can you just be quiet for two minutes?”

That following her two months of Greek nursery this summer understands and says enough to get by but if hard pressed breaks into her own made-up “Greek” language.

That she loves reading, memorises books after a second reading but still prefers TV to fill up her time (to my frustration!!) One of our favourite books at the moments is Mother Knows Best, by Jill Murphy  orig.murphy.120x120.2because it addresses the “why” issue in a very satisfying way :-).

That she loves her brother already(and the feeling is mutual judging by the amount of reciprocal kicking when she is around the bump) and has asked numerous times why he can’t come out yet and now knows that he’s just “not ready yet.”

That she knows that Jesus is always with her (at least theoretically), that she “loves the church”(her own words) and that she enjoys immensely her Girls’ Brigade meetings and that she wants to sing on the “stage” when she grows up.

That she does drama and ballet this year and looks super cute in her proper ballet outfit.

That she is overly fussy with what she wears (been like this since Christmas when she watched Barbie intensively), that daddy can’t compliment mummy without making sure he says “and Emma looks gorgeous too” and that she goes into proper panic if she doesn’t get time to choose her outfit in the morning…

That she is a sweetheart and very loved and will make a great big sister!

Now, the other great idea I had while writing this post was to add a linky to it and allow all mummy bloggers out there to praise their precious offspring, like I have just done. The linky will come live later on today(by then I hope it will look like a proper, personalised linky and all) and will be on for a whole week so step by and honour your kids with some praise as well!

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  1. Hi, Oana .I have been admiring your Emma from the first day she was born. Well done , she has grown up indeed this summer I can tell that by simply looking at the photos , that you share. All will fall into place as well once the baby is born, even if it takes a month or two to adjust. You both are a great pair and I love you both very much. PS .I can reassure you, that boys are extremely affectionate , so Alex is in for a surprise .xxx

    • Yeah, it will happen naturally, I suppose, Iva. At the moment I experience a very normal set of emotions, joy and apprehension in one, at the thought of our new arrival. But he will find his own wee place in our hearts eventually and all will be grant 🙂
      P.S.- I look forward to the double shower of affection!

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