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Thrifty second pregnancy shopping

Okay, I am six months pregnant officially but my thrifty shopping started a few weeks back.

You see, things are different from when I was first pregnant.

Since then, many changes occurred in our lives:

– We moved house SEVERAL times and in the process most of the baby things and apparel were donated/lent to friends/damaged/lost.

– I was working as a substitute teacher back then and making my own money to buy things for baby. This time we decided it was best for me to stay at home at least until baby is six months so I have to watch the pennies hubby is working extremely hard for.

– Most importantly, I was a new mum and had no clue about thrift shopping and wanted everything brand new for baby.  I was reading all the glossy mummy magazines and wanted all the stuff those cute babies were featuring.

This time around, I decided to do it totally different, to the delight and relief of my hubby :-).

I started by asking friends for apparel they no longer needed. This is how I ended up with a brilliant Maxi Cosy baby car seat and its stand for £30 only! I also have the promise of a baby cot (once baby is big enough to move into it) and the big, sturdy pushchair I lent to a friend once Emma grew out of it will be coming back to us once baby is born.

Then, I kept an eye on nappy bargains in Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s and fair enough, a few weeks ago, I found this brilliant offer: 200 first-size nappies(a month supply, more or less), half price, at £15!

Another thing I accidentally ended up making money from were my Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Because we moved so much in the last few years, we inevitably lost track at times of our post and consequently, of our Tesco Clubcard vouchers. This September I was looking to exchange some of my recent vouchers into cinema tickets when I went onto the Tesco Clubcard website and upon logging in was very pleasantly surprised to find vouchers worth around £10. Instead of using them straight away in the store, I decided to swap them over in the Clubcard Boost and ended up with £40 worth of coupons!!

Last week I went and bought a playmat, a bouncy seat and 10 packs of wipes with them.

008 (3)

Mums’ market, a haven for mummies who want to sell/buy pre-loved baby items at modest prices was another bargain hotspot find for me. I got baby’s Moses basket with stand, two mattresses and three mattress sheets for £10 and LOADS of baby-grows of various sizes and a very cuddly snow suit for £5. Couldn’t ask for more, could I, now?

Our £10 Moses basket and stand

Our £10 Moses basket and stand

Baby drawer

Baby drawer, most things bought from Mums’ market.

For me, being a thrifty mummy brings a bit of needed magic to these cash-strapped times. I feel that I am contributing to my family’s well being in this way and bask into hubby’s praise every time a new bargain is presented.

What did you do to save costs when you had your baby? Does thrift shopping make you go yey or ney, no way?



  1. Well done,Oana what a good feeling to have everything ready for your baby coming.Beautiful and wise shopper you are indeed,making the most of everything and looking after your family.Alex is a lucky man

  2. Some great finds – it is amazing what you can get when you put your mind to it isn’t it, as long as you don’t mind a little bit of hard work and shopping around!

    • Yes, I agree and it wasn’t even difficult to find them once I started looking. Definitely the way forward 🙂

  3. yay go you, i love tesco club points i save mine all year and double them at christmas for frozen food and clothing 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    • Jaime, well done, I am not so organised yet but they certainly do come in handy, even when used seasonally, the Tesco vouchers!

  4. Well done! and such great finds. Having our first child make us realize that some of those cute baby stuff are not really important and they grow out of it quickly.

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