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Go Faster Food for Kids Review

Almost two weeks ago I was sent Go Faster Food for Kids, a lovely recipe book for busy children (and parents) to review.


As we have moved meanwhile and the time has passed I decided to include it on my possible Christmas presents list, which I will update regularly from now until Christmas.

The author, Kate Perry, has had a lot of experience in sports nutrition, going back to 2000, when she started researching foods that provide the best of fuel for athletes.  As a result, Go Faster Food, her first recipe book was written and geared to help athletes achieve the best results in marathons and sporting competitions by eating the right foods, in the right balance.

Her present book was written to provide ideas and inspiration for parents of athlete children and their coaches. It offers an array of tasty, healthy and nutritionally balanced recipes aimed to power and support training and competition preparation.

The book is neatly structured into two sections: the first offers a lot of researched information on children’ nutrition and eating appropriately for a sporting event.The nice touch that the author brings, and what makes this book different from a simple nutrition for children book is the inclusion of interviews with children and teenage athletes and the way they approach nutrition in the context of sporting competitions. I would wholeheartedly recommend the book for any aspiring little athletes you have in your family, the role model interviews provided in the book are deemed to impress and inspire them!

The second section provides breakfast&brunch, mains and light meal recipes supported by mouth-watering pictures.


As a busy mother and wife who strives to provide balanced meals to a picky eater, a pregnant mommy and a training athlete, I was particularly impressed by the mains’ section and the fact that they have been structured into meals that can be ready in under 20 minutes(!!), under 45 minutes and slow cooked, when time isn’t an issue. This means I have no excuses now to cook a nutritious meal, even when I am short of time and with 101 recipes to choose from the book will definitely provide me with inspiration when I run out of ideas!

I have included this as my first entry for what I hope will be a useful list of Christmas present ideas I will be posting until mid-December. I would definitely recommend it for the budding athletes in the family and for their cooking mothers!



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