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Before You Were Born Meme

I was tagged by My Mills Baby with the lovely idea of a “life before the children” meme.

I will try and answer the questions proposed as accurately as I can 🙂

1. What was your favourite holiday destination and why?


We went on two cruises before we had Emma. Actually, I was three months pregnant on the second so technically, one and a half cruises :-). I really enjoyed our first cruise. The intimacy of the small cabin, the playfulness and naughtiness induced by the late-night free drinks. The sense of adventure given by the arrival in a new port/country every morning. The carefree feeling of pampered, laid back holidays with your loved one. The late breakfasts, sumptuous dinners and walks in sun-bathed locations. The relaxation!

2. What is your funniest memory pre-children?

Oh, dear, hubby will be embarrassed by this one. ..We got married in Romania a few days before Christmas and decided to celebrate our holidays/honeymoon there. The Christmas Eve we were invited to my mum’s village, to visit relatives. We were offered home-made drinks and cold meats which hubby was too polite to refuse..Long story short, we spend the early hours of our first Christmas day together in the A&E, with a very unsympathetic doctor. I still remember her telling Alex he would have been better off if he was “the puking type”…Took him two days to recover. A great start to our marriage, right ;-)?

3. What was your favourite thing to do in the evening?

Oh, dear, watch TV!! I used to watch all these documentaries and series, I haven’t watched anything systematically in the last 4 years. Oh, I lie, I did watch “Call the Midwife” on catch-up TV but I have lost the “right” to access any of my favourite programs while little girl is awake.

4.  What hobbies do you have that you can no longer do?

Well, I still love reading and I haven’t lost the habit. Actually, I remember the utter shock I had in the first weeks after having Emma of not being able to read at the speed I used to( I think it took me around a whole week to read through a Tesco magazine!) but I have learned to read at night and I still go through around 100 books per year on average.

5. What do you think you took for granted before having children?

My freedom! Doing what you feel like it, when you feel like it! Now, it all has to be carefully planned, prioritised, risk of meltdown-assessed and then carefully fulfilled. And I am taking here about simple things like a girls’ night out, a grocery trip and sometimes even a trip to the loo 🙂

So who am I going to tag next?

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  1. I love love love that photo of you .It’s one of them pictures, that speaks with a 1000 words.А 100 books a year is so impressive-I have a lot of catching up to do!
    P.S. As my boys are all at school now and are becoming more and more independent I can reassure you, that will get easier is some ways and harder in other ways, but nothing can replace your presence in your children’s life while they are growing up.

    • Thanks, Iva, that was one of those memorable moments when you’re so relaxed you can dance in front of strangers :-). Yes, I agree, things get easier as they grow on one hand and more difficult(she can reason with me now!) on the other :-).xx

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