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Kourabiedes(Greek Butter Cookies)

It’s December and I have started getting the Christmas buzz! I decorated our living room on Sunday and today I decided to make some Greek cookies. I was introduced to kourabiedes as an Erasmus student in Thessaloniki and am, let’s say, slightly partial to them :-).

I have used this recipe from Food Network but instead of walnuts I went for almonds, as Greek hubby recommended.

Tips when using the recipe:

  • Use icing sugar instead of confectioners’.
  • I don’t have an electric mixer so I used my hands to rub the butter and the icing sugar together. It worked a treat.
  • Make your cookies slightly small as the baking powder will make them puff up. Mine came out a bit chubby, I will know better for the next batch.
  • DO convert the cup measurements into grams if you live in Europe, it helps getting things right  and your dough nice and crumbly, as it should.

December 2013 016As soon as she sniffed them, Emma couldn’t be chased from the kitchen until she had her fill :-). This proves that the recipe is a success and that my little girl is definitely Greek-inclined in her choice of cuisine!

Here she is, giving me the thumbs up over the plate of cookies :-).

December 2013 018





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  1. Oh wow these are my absolute favourite, you are so clever! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays especially with a Greek favourite x

    • Oh, Vicki, it seems that they are winning me a lot of points with the Greeks, hubby and Emma almost finished them this morning!xx

    • Sarah, it worked wonders, it was probably the sugar that blends so easily but I only had to do it for about 5 minutes or so. Saves your electricity bill :-).xx

  2. Otilia says

    arata ca biscuitii nostri romanesti nu un pic?
    thanks for linking up again hon x

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