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What’s the story?


This photo was taken at Christmas in 2011. Emma was only 2 and we were visiting my family in Romania. It is special because it has both Alex and my dad in it.

I have been thinking a lot about my dad lately, wishing I could be there right now as he hasn’t been very well this winter. It is hard to be away in moments like this, especially since I know it will be weeks until I will be in any shape fit to travel.

So I think of better times meanwhile, like that winter back in 2011 when we spent loads of  time together, Emma got to reacquaint herself with her Bicu and we created memories like this. And I pray he will hang on until the summer, when we’ll be able to travel again as a family and introduce the baby to him.



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  1. Aww. This is a lovely photo and your daughter is so cute! I can relate a lot to this post, I miss my family too and sometimes wish England wasn’t too far away! 🙂

    • Oh, I can usually go for years without being home but knowing that my dad is unwell makes it difficult now. I wish I could just get on a plane and go!

  2. Charly Dove says

    What a wonderful sentiment and a fabulous photo. I find it’s always rather nice looking back on old photos. Counting down the weeks for you until you can visit x #whatsthestory

  3. Lovely post, I know how you feel too/ My parents live in Southern Spain, Dad was diagnosed with blood pressure problems just before Christmas, just wished I could have been there, but just not possible. Hope your Dad is improving

    • He is slowly improving but we don;t know the prognosis yet. It’s all a waiting and hoping game at the moment. Hope your dad is doing better too.xx

      • Fingers crossed for you all then. My Dad is doing ok, on tablets and being monitored monthly so we will see, just can’t to see him in March when we visit next. Skype isn’t the same is it

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