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Word of the Week: Adjournment


Adjournment was the word of this week for me, most certainly!

As you might know, I am expecting a baby boy. Any day now. This has been my slogan and opening line for the past, well, at least two weeks! You see, we have placed expectations on this baby based on our past experience with Emma and have anticipated his arrival early. By at least 9 days, that is!

But as my midwife said, this baby has his own ideas and wants to leave his own mark in our memories. By being late :-).

So, this week I have felt as if the journey to meet my little boy has been adjourned. And I won’t lie, I have felt tired, frustrated, relieved, down…all at once. But like with any other adjournment, I have a choice. I can choose to moan, groan and make my life and everybody else’s miserable. Or I can choose to go with it, make fun at the situation by asking friends’ opinion on provoking labour (and yes, nooky has been the predominant answer, if you are curious to know 🙂 Choose to reflect and enjoy the last moments of our life as it is at the moment.

So today we spent time together and with friends and we have really made an effort to appreciate what we have at present. Because we know that once the new chapter in our lives begins, things will be, well…different. We have another week, if this baby decides to stay put and until the planned induction next Sunday, to just take it easy. Enjoy the last leg of this pregnancy. Make the most of the life in three.

I will keep you posted if things change. If they don’t, see you in a week and a bit, with pics of my lovely newborn.


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


  1. All the very best with the birth. I have 3 children – one born on due date, one a day early and one 8 days late so there is not telling or pattern. They come when they are ready and I am now really looking forward to meeting your new arrival via the blog.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I don’t have any friends anywhere nearby – I am naturally very shy and just don’t seem to make any. It is something I miss and know that having even one would make such a difference. Onwards.
    Good Luck with the birth and all the happinesses heading your way

  2. Wishing you all the best, as per Kates comment I have 2 children. One born 3 weeks before DD and one 6 days over DD. Definately no telling on when bubs will arrive. But what I believe in is that if you spent weeks anxiously awaiting labour it’ll never happen, give up waiting, relax, and “it’ll happen when it happens”. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the peace before baby arrived.

    Good luck xx

  3. My best pregnancy was the last of the three when I relaxed the whole way through and savoured the time rather than wishing it to end so I could meet my baby. My first 2 were 2 weeks late and my third was a planned section so she was on time. I found myself wishing I could have had those extra 2 weeks!
    I look forward to your baby pictures and wish you good luck for the birth 🙂 xx

  4. I’m sending warm thoughts and positive vibes your way. I think you’re approach to the delayed arrival is brilliant and so positive because you’re right, it will all change. Wishing you a safe delivery and keep well x

    • Thank you, there is only one option when we face challenges, isn’t it? Seeing the silver lining is much better (and productive way) than mopping around 🙂

      • Oh yes, not always easy to do but ultimately I think it makes us stronger and happier people. Take care of yourself 🙂

  5. I’m so looking forward to those newborn pics! I love how you’ve chosen to have a positive attitude about this adjournment, too. He’ll be worth the wait 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

  6. Oh,Oana that is such a beautiful and graceful attitude to have.Baby will come when ready.I have been so happy and excited for you and I wish you all the very best this coming week and the days after next Sunday.Saying a prayer now and may you have health,strenght and feel the love around you for your baby coming and beyond.xxxxxxxxx

      • Thank you , Oana, he is coping really well-there is a bit of pain and the discomfort seems to come and go.I find every possible way to change his blanket, pillow , some food or drink or any other entertainment .He is a real treasure to look after. Massaging his head and hands really helps as well.We are going for a check up on

  7. All the best with the baby. I remember getting really big with my son in the last couple of weeks, I could hardly move! Couldn’t wait for him to make an appearance 🙂

  8. I wish you all the best with the birth. I only got to full term once, my 2nd child came 14 weeks premature 3rd 7 weeks premature and 4th 6 weeks premature so to me it bugs me when people moan and groan…oh I want this baby out ect Just enjoy the pregnancy and realize others aren’t so lucky.
    You have the right attitude x

    • Thank you, I understand you and I am sure it was scary every time you had them so early! The right attitude helps, doesn’t it?xx

  9. Wishing you well for when he decides to come and say hi. It’s part of the joy and frustration of being pregnant isn’t. My son came 2 weeks early, the day we moved house! Best of luck xx

    • Oh, that must have been a BIG surprise! Yes, no other choice but take it easy and wait for his timing.xx

  10. Oh I didn’t realise you’re expecting!! congrats! hope your baby doesnt keep you waiting too much longer! my first two were both late too

  11. Aw. I so feel for you! JD was 3 weeks early and I was convinced that Miss J would be similarly timed. She appeared 2 days shy of the full 40 weeks and I was in a right grump by then! Hope your little one appears soon and that birth goes as smoothly as can be xx

  12. eeep how exciting! I can’t wait to see your new arrival! Wilf was a very punctual 4 hours early of his due date but I had a sickness bug that kick started my labour which I wouldn’t recommend! ha! x

    • It’s weird to tell people now I am overdue but hey, the end is in sight and next week this time I will most likely be holding my precious bundle 🙂

  13. The final leg of pregnancy can be really frustrating – you just want to meet your little one and get your body back. All the best with the birth. I adore this concept, as I adore the English language – and though adjournment hasn’t been great for you, it does feel wonderful rolling off the tongue and through the lips. Glorious!

    • Vicki, you say it so well, yes, it is all a bit frustrating and exciting in the same time.I have started getting rid of some of my worn out pregnancy clothes and ordered “normal” ones, the end is in sight, and as you say, I will get my body back soon :-). Thank you, English is a rich language and I love using its treasure.

  14. how wonderful, exciting times. I remember being very frustrated when my 1st was late. I would request as many sweeps as possible before Sunday.

    I enjoyed motherhood so much more 2nd time round, instead of wishing the baby stage away, this time I have appreciated every little bit, as I know how quickly it flies by. Also was more confident and relaxed.

    Enjoy this magical time to come.


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