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Word of the week: Adjusting

This will be a short post as baby is napping in the kitchen and will be due a feed soon.

So many things have changed for our wee family in the last two weeks. The new baby has taken over our household and the rest of us have had to adjust to having a brand new member in the family.

Personally, I find change hard and it takes me a while to find my feet. With breastfeeding, playgroup runs, shopping and cooking still my chores, I have felt overwhelmed at times. Plus the baby has had already two growing spurts which left me tired and sleep-deprived.

But help is on the way, my mum will be coming over in a couple of weeks, Emma will be going to a childminder for a couple of days a week from next Monday(which will relieve me of the terrible guilt I have felt over her watching TV all afternoon and playing by herself while I was busy feeding baby, snoozing or just lying in bed, exhausted).

For me, the word of the week is definitely adjusting. It is born in the joy of having a healthy new born, an understanding husband and a sweet daughter who accepts things as they are. But adjusting we will have to do for now. To new routines, to new ways of doing things, to new people in our lives, to the feeling of “not quite enough for now”.


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  1. mummytries says

    Congratulations, I didn’t realise you had recently had a baby. It’s exhausting and over whelming but it gets so much easier as time goes on… Here’s to supportive hubby’s and placid (by the sounds of it?) toddlers 🙂 I found the six month mark a massive turning point with our second.

    All the best with adjusting, I’ll be needing to do the same once our little man is finally here (any day now) #WotW

    • Yes, counting the months till summer myself, I know things get easier once they start eating solids and seating up. Thank you, hope all goes well for you too, have a safe and speedy delivery!xx

      • mummytries says

        Thanks lovely. Here’s hoping for another summer like the one we got last year xx

  2. Wonderful word for your week. It is exhausting, but also the most joyous thing x I have a horrible feeling that I haven’t congratulated you yet, so sorry! Congratulations 🙂 #WotW

  3. It is a huge period of adjustment, isn’t it? I remember it well, and my daughter was just coming up to 3, so I wanted to play with her, but remained pretty much attached to Little Man. Go easy on yourself, it won’t hurt anyone for you to do things a little differently for a few weeks while you find your feet and gives you time to enjoy it x Thanks for linking up with #WotW

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