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Living Arrows-8/52

I know that this project is a photography one and the pics I post are not top quality. But the reason I try and join when I can is because I am trying to create memories of these blurry days, which I didn’t do when Emma was a baby. And in consequence, most things I have forgotten already…

Lovely Emma, this week you have had yet another change to accept in your life. Your Bica came to stay with us for a while and she has taken the lower bunk bed. You were happy to see her but because you don’t really speak Romanian (my blooming fault), the novelty wore off quickly and now you need to be explained why she needs to stay with us for a while. “To help mummy look better after you and George”, I tell you. Still, you find it hard, all the changes, all the new people and this weekend you came up with a blinking brilliant plan to get my attention: you “developed” a blinking tic, just when I was around…I have been advised by your childminder to pretend I don’t see it and indeed, it had disappeared by Monday night. I know you find it tough, little one and I acknowledge your resourcefulness but honestly, I wish you could just tell mummy you miss me and need me. You seemed to have enjoyed our special girls-only time last night in McDonald’s, I will try and make it a habit in finding things we can do only the two of us.

This week you have taken to “writing books”, here is you drawing and writing Cinderella, all over again πŸ™‚


Little man, I refuse to focus on the thing that plagues us at the moment, your constant waking shortly after feeding. It will pass. Instead, I will say, you seem to be a very chilled out dude who, despite being in pain, rarely cries(mummy rocks you in the pram when you seem uncomfortable, which seems to do the trick), who has started to smile and is very alert when other people are around. I look forward to taking you to Greece in the summer, to have you sleep unaided by motion and see your personality develop more and more!

Here is a picture of the two of you this week, how sweet you both are:



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  1. I love your kids, Oana. Every photo I see of them fills my heart with joy. It is tough indeed for Emma and you, but you have done so much.
    With time Emma will become even more sensible and understanding, I can reassure you.She is adapting to all the changes.
    I am also almost sure, that George will keep his chilled out state, as in my experience I think, that kids have a personality from the first day of their life.
    So enjoy the highs, bless the lows and make the most of the ride of being a wonderful mama and a beautiful woman.
    Sending hugs and kisses

  2. Sunt niste dulci amandoi!!!
    Desi nu am experienta practica, mi se pare f intelept din partea ta sa iti faci timp sa petreci numai cu Emma. Cu vreo 2 sapt. in urma vazusem la tv o gimnasta celebra de aici (Eleni Petroulaki). Are 3 fete (ultimele 2 fiind gemene) si zicea ca petrece timp separat cu fiecare dintre ca sa evite eventuale sentimente de gelozie si nu numai. Acum e insarcinata din nou dar inca nu stie ce e. πŸ™‚
    PS. Poate ne vedem la vara… πŸ˜‰

  3. The picture of them together is beautiful, you must be so proud. I hope the waking after feeding passes very fast for him and for his tired Mummy!

    • Thank you, Jo, looking forward to him being out of this phase, it is quite exhausting, thank goodness for mummies who come to the rescue!

  4. What a gorgeous pair. It does take a little while for older ones to adapt to a new sibling, but soon enough she will be used to sharing you! One on one time is important too, I try to do that with my older 2 at least once a month x

    • I will try and do it every week with Emma, she seemed more settled afterwards. Poor mite, going from having me all to herself to not seeing me almost at all…

    • Yes, he is moving to 3-6 month clothes already! I love having a blog to document all this, wish I was blogging when Emma was a baby, it would have helped so much!

  5. Aw – lovely post. Ooana I replied on another Blog you commented on, I have a lot of experience with reflux, please do shout if I can help. I’ve written about it on my Blog (a leaflet I produced for hospital distribution in conjunction with a Paed gastro who checked it for me) and there is lots of info on gut allergies which are often the cause of infant reflux. Has anyone suggest trying a hypoallergenic milk? Or if you are BF try cutting dairy out of your diet? Always ask a health professional first (which I am not) but could be worth it. Big hugs – it should get better. xx

    • Oh, great to hear from someone who has been there! Yes, he is on hypoallergenic milk already, I knew that from last time and pushed the docs for Nutramigen. We are waiting on a consultant’s appointment on the 11th of March, I know he needs some medicine as well, Emma was on Losec. Were yours on any medicine, how long did it take to lift off?xx

  6. Your words for your daughter brought a tear to my eye. As parents we can worry so much for our children. She looks very happy and utterly engrossed in her stories. I wish all of you well and more sleep xx

    • Thank you, Kirsty. I wish away these first few months, they are so difficult for everybody and want to find ourselves sometime in August, when this will be behind us. But we have to go through it, pain and tiredness and all. Part of life, I suppose.xx

  7. franglaisemummy says

    Aww, they’re so cute! It is so hard when a baby comes along and the older sibling has to share Mummy, but if you can squeeze in some one-on-one time it makes all the difference I’ve noticed.

    • Hopefully these hard times won’t leave her feeling unloved. As a mum, I am doing my very best but unfortunately, my human resources can run dry every so often…

  8. Ah it’s hard and from my own experience I can tell you that she will feel none the worse for this time. It just makes the one on one time you do manage all the more special x

  9. Lovely pictures. I was so sorry to hear about your daughter’s blinking tic and glad that she’s moved on from that. My girls also love writing books and stories – maybe it’s a girl thing. Hope everything works out for you.

  10. Oh they are beautiful! So sorry to hear she’s been struggling, sounds like the tic was just her feeling a little sensitive and was just her way of processing what’s happening. The time you spend together will now be even more special xx

  11. This is such a lovely and heart warming post.I wish I was more of a writer so I could more about my kids lives.I fund it hard when I had a new baby, trying to adjust so I’m sure your daughter is too.

  12. winegumsx says

    Awww such a cute photo. And you’re right it will pass, things always pass and it’s hard to always remember that at the time but then you look back and realise things are better x

  13. Beautiful, Oana! I remember taking a ton of pictures the second time around too, because I felt I hadn’t done enough with the first.

  14. Mummy Glitzer says

    Oh theses are lovely photos. It sounds like Emma truly valued your “girls time”; I really hope that you can do it more often. x

  15. They’re so lovely. It is a trying time when a new person arrives and the older sibling has to adjust but they seem to love each other very much and it does settle back down pretty quickly, I think x

  16. The photos may not be of the best quality but they will be ones that you treasure forever. I am a photographer but most of my favourite photos are just quick in the moment snaps taken on my iPhone! Gorgeous little ones x

  17. What a lovely post, it’s so easy to focus on the negatives and not the positives, but well done you for looking on the bright side. As you say, although it’s happening right now, it will all pass with time #blogclub

  18. What a lovely post! It can be so hard sometimes to look past the day to day stresses of having kids, so good for you for taking the time to do so! #bloglove

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