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Dear Georgie: 100 things




My precious boy, there are so many things you will miss here on earth I would have loved you to enjoy.

1. A splash in the sea

2. Warm, buttery toast

3. The feel of the rain on your cheeks

4. Teething

5. Play dates and mums and tots

6. Watermelon

7. Mosquito bites

8. Ice cream

9. Bedtime stories

10. Christmas mornings

11. Warm socks

12. Sippy cups

13. Toy trains and airplanes

14. Cuddles in mummy and daddy’s bed in the morning

15. Squabbles with Emma

16. Learning to share toys

17. Potty training

18. Bee stings

19. Superman dreams

20. Playing football with daddy

21. Learning to cook with mummy

22. Scones

23. iPad games and movies

24. Playgroup

25. The local library

26. Big boy pants

27. Your first girlfriend in primary school

28. Your first kiss

29. Your first heartbreak

30. Finding your true love

31. Sex

32. Your first summer job

33. Your first paid job

34. Your primary school teachers

35. Making friends

36. Finding out your passion in life

37. The smell of freshly baked bread

38. Your favourite cartoon

39. Wearing the same Superman suit for a whole week

40. Raspberries

41. Your favourite colour

42. Being spoilt rotten by your sister

43. Being kissed sore by daddy

44. Being told off by mummy

45. Travelling

46. Music

47. Shoes

48. Flowers

49. Long baths

50. Bikes

51. Buzz Lightyear

52. Socks with holes

53. Paper airplanes

54. Learning to read and write

55. Lion King

56. Grandparents

57. Fizzy drinks

58. Digging out for worms

59. Mud pies

60. Olives

61. Olive groves

62. The Jungle Book

63. Having a pet fish. Or dog.

64. Scraped knees

65. Shorts and t-shirts

66. Beer

67. Fireworks

68. Football matches

69. Baby food

70. Texting

71. Throwing pebbles in a river

72. Stormy weather

73. Toy car collections

74. Legos

75. Ties and bow ties

76. Flip flops

77. Running through the park

78. Slides and see saws

79. Waterfalls

80. Play stations

81. Bougatza

82. Ripe tomatoes

83. Grammar school

84. Wedding ring picking

85. Marriage proposal

86. The birth of your first child. And second. And third?

87. Teenage rage

88. Ear piercings

89. Your first car

90. Stinky trainers

91. Sweaty t-shirts

92. Cherries

93. Arts and crafts

94. Your parents funeral services

95. Seeing your nephews and nieces grow to adore you

96. Butterflies

97. Swimming/bouldering

98. Skiing with your dad

99. Growing pains

100. Liquid soap






  1. Thinking of you , Georgy and your family every single day. I wish I could do more , i wish something will change so that Georgie ca-n stay in this World longer x Lots of love and hugs xxx

  2. Helen says

    I am so glad you are using your great talents you are great with words and thoughts and this will create precious memories for you all . George has wonderfull loving parents and a great big sister and he is so loved you could do no more you have that inter strength .

  3. One day he will do all this and more with you. You amaze me and I am thinking of you. I will not cry for you but with you.

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  6. Jessicacthornton says

    My heart goes out to you and your family, I cannot imagine the strength and sorrow you must be overcome with. Georgie will do all of these things and you’ll share them all with him in a better place. Your courage is inspiring xxx

  7. Fiona mcfall says

    Thinking of your wee family and praying for you all, may you feel Gods strength and peace at this time xxx

  8. Alina Oglan says

    Draga George, eu vreau sa-ti zic cateva lucruri in care cred cu toata fiinta mea. Tu esti nemuritor si stii asta. Asa suntem toti si cu toti suntem un tot divin. Si in esenta asta a noastra nu exista durere, suferinta, lacrimi, astea sunt in dimensiunea pamanteana in care am ales sa avem un corp. Si, da, recunosc, ca in ciuda faptului ca stiu toate astea, tot plang de sare camasa de pe mine si dezvolt atasamente cand pleaca cineva pentru ca mintea noastra sociala este limitata si nu poate vedea ca de fapt moartea nu exista, exista doar moartea corpului fizic. Asadar daca tu decizi, mai poti ramane aici ca sa cresti , sa devii adult si sa te bucuri in iubire alaturi de cei din jurul tau. Dar daca tu alegi sa pleci acum exista cu siguranta un motiv in asta pe care tu il stii. Noi cei din jur ramane sa ne gandim la ce lectii avem de invatat. Eu insa vreau sa te vad si te vad nemuritor asa cum esti de fapt! Te iubesc!

  9. Mummy Tries says

    I’ve only just heard about Georgie. Sending love and hugs to your family hon xxx

  10. Susan Reilly says

    I lost a son, the Church I attended prayed for his death . They meant well but I prayed for a miracle. I pray for a miracle for Georgie. Hang on in there, he IS he always will BE and will be your beloved son Forever and his sister’s beloved little brother Forever. A brave little man. He will never cease to BE ever! You and your family may experience further heartbreak but Georgie will have only have ever known the great and unfathomable depths of your love.

  11. Matthew says

    Sending you our love and hugs, dear Oana, Emma, and Alex.
    John, Kaiti, Eva, Pavlos, Stefanos, Matthew

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