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31 Days of Grief: Altar

I do not have an altar dedicated to Georgie as I simply do not think I need one. I do not worship his existence, nor his passing away but a living God. But I do have a lot of memories of Georgie throughout the house, his memory wall, and two corners dedicated to him. One in the kitchen/living area, where we spend most of the time as a family and one in our bedroom.


As the time passes, I expect that I will remove some of the reminders but not all. Georgie will never, ever be removed from our home nor from our memories. Simply because he has been engraved in our hearts and he will remain there forever.

In both remembrance corners I have two cards that were sent by his nurses. We got loads of cards but these two are extra special as are from two nurses who were so crucial in his care and his hospital journey.

This is what the cards read:

“Georgie was a beautiful, beautiful boy with his gorgeous smile. He had more nurses wrapped around his wee finger than most boys could hope for in a lifetime. It was an absolute privilege to care for such a fantastic wee boy.” (Hannah)

“It was a joy to nurse your son, George. I will always remember Georgie’s smile, soft nature and the effect he had on all the girls. He truly shone.” (Sarah)

And this is how I choose to remember you, darling boy. A happy, shining with happiness and love boy!

Mummy loves you, now and forever more!


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


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