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Frozen Crazy (Fun)

Emma, like any other 5 year old girl out there, loves Frozen.She knows the songs (and begs me NOT to sing when I try to, as I “embarrass her”, haha), she has the movie, both Anna and Elsa’s dresses, a number of outfits sporting the princess sisters, Frozen bedding, blankie and cushion. Santa will be bringing her an Elsa doll to keep Anna doll (the one she got for her birthday) company.

So when we were asked to review and get creative with a beautiful Anna and Elsa art set, guess what our response was?  Oh, yeah, you guessed it! Cause a girl can never have too many Anna and Elsa items, this we can agree on!

1741777_750046908407031_1235327125_nEmma got busy right away with it, as soon as it arrived, and it was declared her favourite and best art set ever :-). We printed some Frozen colouring in pages to start with:

1596955_1543477802566084_1037797915_nEmma loves drawing and recently, following her teacher’s prompting, she has started talking about “using her imagination” to create things. So, I wasn’t surprised when the next thing she came up with, following her creativity and her new art set, was a drawing of Elsa in her ice palace. Have a look, isn’t it so imaginative and cute, her interpretation:

10843673_766196840101898_1200644655_nLast night, she wrote a note to Julia, her elf in the shelf and thanked her for her recent gift of books and chocolate. Here is her drawing of Julia and our Christmas tree, the place where Julia usually leaves a wee something for Emma every morning:

10848351_1511152592493756_1363825727_nDisclaimer: Just like a family holiday away and the memories that are created then, Emma’s gifted art set is a present that will keep on giving, for the weeks and the months to come. It was sent to us by the lovely people at Florida4Less but the thoughts expressed in this post are entirely our own.

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