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Today, I remember

Today, as every single day since last July,

I remember.

A bump and the promise of the fulfilled dream of a complete family:

1463222_10151755504156512_1532679564_nA little baby boy, so cuddly and new and loved and wanted,

995633_10151830218596512_59015378_nA dream of a boy, so sweet and so happy to just be:

1977035_10151953966906512_943992643_nA cough and sleepless nights and

This ominous, nightmarish feeling, lurking closer and closer.

10178159_10151978511651512_5014593968452706327_nA sick little boy, so helpless and fragile,

A fight so big ahead someone so very small.

10303758_10152017159551512_2767855960213911770_nA precious baby boy who taught us how to smile, in spite of all pain and sorrow

imageA little boy who never ceased to amaze his nurses, his doctors and his parents

Who sparkled bright on that horrid cancer ward

Who grinned in the face of death,

Proving it wrong:

10364056_10152023112966512_1808747011739674804_nA little boy who left us waaaaay too soon, with hearts too empty to ever fill again

10787_10152356312336512_4731561919479230589_nA baby boy who will forever live in our hearts

Who will forever be loved

Never forgotten

Always cherished and treasured and ALIVE

10653818_10152312531351512_9121330239410479642_nWith hearts full of sorrow, we remember you and your joyful spirit, precious little boy. You have been now gone from this earth more than you have been alive on it. Six months of missing you today.

But your legacy of joy and vivacity and enjoyment and love will forever live on.

Until we meet again, you will have a place in our hearts, in our conversations, in our family, in us.

Missing you more than all the words on earth could say, my Bubba Boo, Baby Blue.

Happy anniversary in heaven, sweetheart.

From mama, daddy and big sis.


  1. Kerry says

    Precious, beautiful George. Oana, it’s clear to anyone that you all love him immeasurably and while he was here you fought with every breath to take care of him. He knew love and tenderness and happy and family, and you made his time here the very best that you had power to. And since he’s gone on, you’ve done him proud. He is living on, in eternity and also for those of us who don’t know you and never met Georgie but are deeply touched and moved and inspired by hearing of him, seeing him, seeing a family fight their way in the midst of incredible pain. Thank you again for sharing him with us xx

    • Yes,a Kerry, so loved! It is incomprehensible, illogical, unfair that he was taken when other children are left to live with parents who offer them so much less love and care. I will never understand. Never. All I can do is share my beautiful boy with the world and make it beautiful, even for a little minute, through his presence and smiles.xx

    • Thank you, Caroline, all prayers welcome and needed on a day like today, when sorrow threatens to drown us.xx

  2. Crying with you. He was, and continues to be, such a precious gift. Speaking of George today, and holding you close in thought and prayer, Oana.

    • Oh, Valerie, you understand my pain so well. A pain that will never disappear until the day we meet our precious babies again.xx

  3. Harps says

    Hey I just stumbled upon your blog this morning (via Instagram). I am so so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain. He is absolutely beautiful and what a precious smile. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and prayers your way x

    • Thank you. He was a wonderful little boy, sorely missed, never forgotten! Thank you for stopping by!xx

  4. Thank you for sharing Georgie with us. I love getting to know your beautiful baby through your posts. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as we walk this road. 💕

  5. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. What a heartbreaking thing. My own son’s anniversary in heaven is approaching. It’s a hard time. Your words are beautiful.

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