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Music to her ears

Emma has always been a musical child, from when she was a tiny baby girl. We started very early (when she was about 5 months) to attend mums and tots and the local library’s rhythm and rhyme weekly activities.

Music has remained a big part of her life, with her asking Santa this year for a guitar and planning on a violin for next year ;-), so I was overjoyed when we were offered the opportunity to review a number of DVDs and CDs from Kids’ Music Shop.

I was a bit skeptical when they first arrived as the DVDs included nursery titles like “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, “The wheels on the bus” and “Never smile at a crocodile.” I thought Emma would be a bit too grown up for them but at a closer look, I realised I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The DVDs are fun to watch, even for an older child, due to a few key factors:

1. Tony, the artist and singer who features in them is hilarious and looks funny dressed up in various outfits (my favourite is Bev, from The wheels on the bus :-).

2. The DVDs feature school aged children making them appealing to both small and older children. Even babies would enjoy the catchy rhymes and the moving images and smiling faces. Never smile at a Crocodile features pre-teenage children while The Wheels on the Bus feature younger children, making Emma exclaim in admiration “I wish I was one of them, mummy!”

3. Price wise, they are a very wise buy: the music DVDs, with running times varying between 42 and 53 minutes, retail on the website at £5.10 each.

We were also offered the store’s most popular Children’s Favourite Songs Collection: six Cds, with a total of six hours of playing time and featuring all familiar nursery songs and popular tales. The collection retails on the website at £11.99, making it an ideal gift to a smaller, pre-school child or a much appreciated accompaniment to the daily routine in the more formal setting of a nursery or playgroup.


Disclaimer: we were sent the DVDs and the CD set for reviewing purposes but all opinions expressed above are our own.

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