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Living Arrows-8/52

I did debate a lot whether I should or not link up to Living Arrows again.

Last time I did, I had two Living Arrows.

Sadly, one has left us for Heaven, way too soon.

But then I decided to go for it.

In my heart, I still do have two living arrows.

One lives only in my heart for now. And in my memories.

I think of my Georgie every day. Many times a day.

Most of the time, I remember the bad times.

The hospital days. The trauma.

But today, when I thought of him, I had this memory.

Of him grinning. Being happy.

Not understanding the magnitude of his diagnosis.

Not knowing that chemo would make him sick.

Just basking in our love.

Just soaking in the attention and the pouring of our hearts.

I remembered your smiles today, sweet boy.

And for a moment, I smiled too.

1977035_10151953966906512_943992643_nMy other living arrow, I still have with me and it is such a joy to see her grow.

In wisdom, knowledge and years.

This weekend we spent a lot of time together as a family.

Emma loves being out.

Running free.

Playing rich imaginary games.

And hospitals and hide and seek with daddy.

Asking questions about everything.

About life boats.

About Heaven.

About earthquakes and “bolcanoes.”

10593424_882050315191787_808732959_nI still have two living arrows.

One living up in Heaven.

One living with us.

I love them both equally.

And I am so proud they were given to me, as precious gifts.


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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


  1. Powerfully written, i am terribly sorry for your loss, thank you so much for choosing to link up with living Arrows again and writing about your two living arrows regardless of where they are now. They will forever shine brightly in your heart and be sure to document that, mind, body and soul x

  2. Gorgeous photo of Georgie, and so lovely that you’ve wonderful photos and memories of him.

    Lovely bright background for Emma’s photo – perfect for a bright winter day

  3. Wow! I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult your journey has been. He was a very beautiful baby and I’m sure he is saving those smiles up in Heaven for you. These are both great photos and I am so sorry for your family’s loss xxx many prayers for you all xxx #livingarrows

  4. Oh Oana, you are so strong! Georgie was such a beautiful baby and it’s so unfair that you only had a short time with him. Thank you so much for joining in with Living Arrows, I’ve loved seeing your photos xx

    • Thank you. I will try and join in again, Emma deserved her childhood documented, even more now, after the loss of her baby brother!xx

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