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A weekend in Bray, county Wicklow

We are definitely enjoying our weekends together at the moment! To the point that we plan the following before the present is over, sort of thing :-).

We enjoyed our Armagh trip so much so that as soon as we got home, we had to book through our next one straight away, through Lidl breaks!

This time, it had to be the south of Ireland and Bray.

Alex has particularly enjoyed the challenge of putting together fun things we could do and this time, he had a whole list, bullet points and all! Very organised and much appreciated, as the homework saved us a lot of legwork and stress upon arrival and pointed us in the right directions.

10843726_333836060150800_475314412_nAccording to his well-documented research, Bray’s Saturday farm market was worth a visit so that is where we started.

11032802_1562375954046789_309373947_nAlex’s research was spot on accurate, loads of organic and sensibly priced local produce and lovely treats to be had! We loved the brand new, homemade hot chocolate stall: the Madagascar cocoa, the organic local milk and the flavoursome sugar made one of the best hot chocolates we had ever tasted! Even picky Emma couldn’t fault it and the lady running the business is a sweetheart too!

11015507_832203133519928_1207121_nWe left the market well supplied in goodies and ready for a walk on the beautiful Bray promenade, which was warm and sunny but a bit blustery, like the Dubliners themselves :-).


11015490_1554531004808742_1396015101_nAfter loads of coffee and playtime in the park, it was time for more exploration.

Last weekend, we visited Armagh’s planetarium, this time, it had to be Bray’s aquarium :-).

I found the admission prices a bit steep, 11.50 euro per grown up and 8.50 euro per child but in the end, it was well worth it!

We were smiled at by piranhas, we petted starfish and sea urchins, admired the gracious dance of a playful seahorse and were nearly jumped upon by a curious stingray!

10296647_582209978590608_1666424337_nThe most mesmerising view was the massive sea water tank at the end, with the sharks and other big fish floating above us. It felt like another dimension, so quiet and serene and tranquil. I loved it, I could have sat there for hours to look at the fish dancing in circles of harmony.

11049131_436397113181404_459004676_nDinner was inspired by the visit and it had to be fish and chips :-).

We were given a tip about a local chippy and it did live to its reputation! The fish was absolutely gorgeous, fresh and plentiful and the batter crispy. And the chips were hand cut and downright tasty. Worth more than the 15 euro we paid for it, our lovely fish supper. The lady in the shop is worth a mention too, Alex went after closing time so she sacrificed her own dinner and let us enjoy a taste of authentic Bray. Much appreciated, thank you!

11032836_1079096622104314_648122979_nWe stayed in Wilton Hotel Bray. Our family room was huge but the decor a bit faded. Emma had great fun playing jungle huts and hide and seek games and the beds were comfortable and clean. Recommended for family stays as breakfast is varied and plentiful and the rooms cater for bigger families. Not recommended for romantic getaways or couple weekends away as the hotel is pretty basic in facilities and entertainment offers.

x5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mrJGE-PX5SWe are back to Newcastle and Daisy Lodge next weekend, what are your Mother Day’s plans?


  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed Bray. We spent the day there about 14 years ago. Our visit to the Aquarium was not as successful as yours – Rachel and Leah loved it but Simon was then a crazy toddler who had no interest in fish and disliked enclosed spaces, so I ended up having to take him outside to let the girls and their daddy browse. Overall we had a good day though.
    Going to Daisy Lodge for Mother’s Day sounds like a very good idea – that option hadn’t actually crossed my mind; Newcastle seems such a long drive from Greysteel.

    • You need to do it again, I think you will all enjoy it now, Bray has something to offer for everybody, no matter the age.xx

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