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Cinderella magic with Cinemagic

Cinemagic is something new to me, I must admit. I had to research its history and future events before writing this post.

A group of enthusiasts formed a charity meant to inspire children and young people through film and film making. The charity hosts now events in major cities like New York, Dublin and Belfast.

To benefit the children and siblings that have been in contact with the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, Cinemagic had this morning in the Odeon cinema ( Victoria Centre, Belfast) a special screening of the new Cinderella movie. And we went, to Emma’s total delight and to ours too, we must admit!

For two hours, we were given the opportunity to dream alongside our children about princesses and princes, love which conquers meanness and happily ever afters.

We were reminded of good life principles of “stay strong and be kind” with which we would have agreed wholeheartedly before we were faced with our new reality.

It is good to dream. It is good to forget, even for a couple of hours, that life is unfortunately far from being a fairytale.

It is good to become a child again and be transported in a world where the good and the bad a clearly delineated.

It is good to remember that normality is possible and doing things as a family, incomplete as it may be, can still be enjoyable.

Thank you, Cinemagic!

And thank you, Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, for keeping us close and allowing our living children to enjoy a delightful event alongside their parents!


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  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says

    I am going to have to share this with my husband! Maybe he could become involved here in L.A. 🙂

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