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Emma’s March reviews

Emma has been very lucky lately and has been gifted, for reviewing purposes, loads and loads of wonderful books and interesting gadgets.

I will start with the Little Tiger Press with whom we have started a beautiful collaboration recently and who have already sent Emma a couple of their brand new and very well designed items:

10946415_348458908681080_1954996932_n9781848959644-04-600x600Both the Animal Jigsaw and the What’s the Time, Clockodile? are aimed at children aged 3-5. I was a bit worried Emma would find the puzzle too easy but as you can see from the picture above, she used it as background for her jungle imaginary play. As for the book, I love the fact that the minutes are marked on the clock, I am assuming this will be a very useful tool in explaining time to Emma and her grasping the concept easily.

Both the puzzle and the book are made out of robust cardboard and are beautifully illustrated and will catch the attention of both young and school children equally.

Emma has also received two wonderful books that have sparked her imagination with regards to a future career and have encouraged her to think outside the box when it comes to men vs. women’s jobs.

11018517_930942180284312_1798738561_nWhat do grown-ups do? is a beautifully illustrated, informative series of seven books written by Mairi McLellan. Emma reviewed the previous books in the series, about Fiona the doctor and Richard the vet and since she did such a good job with it :-), she was offered the latest one, about Gordon Buchanan, the famous Scottish wildlife film maker.

The books are aimed at older children but we were able to scan through and find out a lot of very interesting facts about what life as a wildlife photographer really is like.

The series is recommended as a useful tool in “encouraging children to develop enterprising attitudes” and has won rewards across the country and overseas and Bronze at the Children’s Moonbeam Awards.

Excellent for children with keen interest in learning from an early age about professional opportunities that lie ahead.

Tara Binns’ Eagle-Eyed Pilot is a book very, very close to my heart. “Aimed to raise girls’ aspirations and offer them something inspiring, exciting and adventurous to read,” the book has become well loved in our household. The book offers not only the opportunity to dream about being a pilot but also the occasion to solve problems and come to the rescue situations, which I find very empowering a message for a little girl!

“Giving little girls big ideas” is a good motto and I subscribe to it entirely!

And as ambitious as it may seem, Emma’s (and daddy’s) next project is a bit different from the usual Lego town ones they have been working on since winter.

Emma was sent a hydraulic robotic arm kit to assemble with a bit of help and ignoring the fact that it is classed as a “boy toy”, I will be thrilled to see her having a go at figuring out its mechanisms and having fun with it!

As you can see, we have had loads of fun this month with our reviews. Stay tuned, new things are headed our way this month as well and we will write about them soon!

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