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Win Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill

I have known of Coombe Mill for years, probably ever since I started blogging.

I have always dreamt of spending a holiday in the heart of Cornwall and felt even more drawn to the farm when I realised that Farmer Nick is actually Farmer Nico, Greek descendant and that Alex and him would probably get on quite well, since they share the same country of origin and love for good food and Greek feasts :-).

When Georgie was born, I imagined a holiday as a complete family at Coombe Mill but it was never meant to be, Georgie never made it to Christmas and what should have been a magical holiday last year transformed into a dreary and endless season of mourning.

I dread the thought of another Christmas at home now.

I would love us to be able to win a Christmas stay at Coombe Mill and stay in their cozy Trevarno Scandinavian lodge this year.


I imagine ourselves arriving to a fairyland of lights and snow. (Yes, they had snow last year and I dare dream of a repeat this year also!)

I imagine walking into a well heated lodge, a log fire, a grocery box full of goodies from the farm nearby and feeling immediately at ease.

I imagine wintery activities for Emma and magical preparations for the Big Man’s arrival,  feeding reindeer and decorating the lodge with fragrant conifers and Christmas tree branches.

I imagine waking up on Christmas morning to presents and cheer and noise, loads of happy noises and children enjoying their presents from Santa!

I imagine Farmer Nick babbling away with Alex over mulled wine and mince pies. Or the Greek version of things :-).

I imagine us taking long strolls in the forest, picking mistletoe and working up an appetite for an all organic, farm reared lunch.

I imagine feeling less lonely and less sad than last year’s Christmas. I imagine the memory of a little boy not hanging over us heavily but being with us cheerfully, in the smiles of the children running around, in the heat of the log fire and in the vibrant green of the Christmas tree.

I can easily imagine us there this Christmas!

PicMonkey Collage

This is our entry to the Win Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill. I truly hope we win!


  1. What a wonderful imagination and a heartfelt post, I believe we could manage much of this and you can do the rest with your vision of Christmas, I even know the best local farm for your Christmas bird, the one we use. Very best of luck and thank you for a great entry. #CoombeMillXmas

    • Thank you, Fiona, I am truly hoping we will be able to see you all at Christmas, it will make for a very special holiday, indeed!xx

  2. having spent the last two years with them for Christmas it really is a magical time. Fingers crossed you win and get to experience the magic of Christmas once more xx

  3. I can imagine Christmas being a particularly hard time of year for you as a family, I really hope that you win and can enjoy Christmas a little more this year xxx

    • Thank you, Karen, I would be over the moon if we win but even if we don’t, I will try my very best to seek happiness in every moment, to the best of my bruised heart’s ability!xx

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