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#MilkDrinkersMilk: Challenge with Cravendale

I strive, each and every day, to make my daughter understand that she is a Super Girl.

I do it because I love her, I believe in her abilities and also, because I know her!

She is compassionate and caring and loving. And feisty and clever and sassy.

Sometimes, I reinforce my belief in her abilities by buying her the right books and toys that I know would enhance her already vast knowledge of the world.

Other times, I tell her she is clever and smart and that I am proud of her.

On yet other occasions, when we roar at each other (anyone else having a girl who is nearly 6, going on 16 :-)?) she knows that her words have power  to bring comfort or to hurt and that she is the one with the ability to choose what to do with them.

Most of the times, I show her my love in the simple things: helping with homework, giving her a bath, reading her a story at bed time, organising a play date or even a sleepover for her and ensuring she has a great time alongside her wee friends.

The other week, we had the house full of Super Girls:

IMG_1104They played dress up, they rushed up and down the stairs, they squeezed every moment of its possibilities for fun and entertainment.

At some point, they did get hungry and thirsty and my go to items were good old healthy milk (rather than diluted juice!), a piece of fruit and a biscuit.

Good thing Cravendale had sent us some vouchers so we could try their delicious milk so it was a glass of cold milk all around and away they disappeared to finish their games!

The same weekend, some of Emma’s wee friends stayed over for the night and I had the privilege to make them all breakfast. As you can see, the girls enjoyed their milk both as a hot drink and in their cereal and porridge!

IMG_4180I was so very pleased that the girls were all milk drinkers as I knew they had had a really healthy start to their day and they wouldn’t crave sweet treats shortly after breakfast.

Milk that morning had been my way of showing love to not only my Super Girl but to her little friends too.

If you have doubts about the health benefits of a glass of milk, here are a few facts to convert you to the milk drinkers’ side:

KidsZone-MilkFactsHow do you take your milk? Is is warm and with a biscuit or in a hot chocolate? Or do you maybe take it in your tea or in your cappuccino?

Disclaimer: This post is our entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.

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