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Tiny Trolls of Norway – A Review

We have all been in need of good waterproofs this year so when the opportunity arose for Emma to review a winter overall for Tiny Trolls of Norway we were absolutely delighted!

The UK section of their online shop has only been launched recently and the company was very kind to invite a number of bloggers’ children to review the winter overall range.

As the blurb on the website says, “Tiny Trolls winter coveralls are extremely suitable for outdoor play in autumn and winter. Our garments are padded to ensure your child’s warmth and comfort. Enjoy their functionality with a high water column, good breathability and excellent durability.”

The suits come in two sizes 1-3 years and 4-8 years, two separate designs, the Trollungen and the Lillebjorn and four colours pink, blue, purple and dark blue/black.

Trollungen, the one Emma was gifted, is lightly padded and allows for good freedom of movement while playing. The hood and neck are lined with a fun design, soft fleece material. This suit has high durability silicon foot straps and 3M reflective details.

Last weekend the weather turned very cold very suddenly and we found ourselves away from home on Saturday and dreaming of our warm gear. We decided to cut our trip away short since we were not appropriately dressed for the cold and returned home.

On Sunday, we decided to brave the weather and dressed much more appropriately, we headed for a walk by the sea.

Emma, of course, wore her winter coverall and although we were initially concerned that she may be too warm in them, that proved not to be the case. The suit is such designed that it keeps the body comfortably warm, regulating the temperature and never overheating the child, not even when they run about or sit in a warm car.



She was perfectly comfortable in them, running around, braving the cold wind and collecting conkers and leaves with daddy. At some point, she actually asked me to take her hat off as she could feel the wind going through it and put her hood up, buttoning herself in for warmth and comfort. (The company sells hats as well and I do think we will get Emma one for Christmas, to go with her suit.)



What did Emma think of her new winter overalls?

“It was very cozy and it felt as if I was indoors! I would love to go somewhere where it is proper winter as I think it will keep me really warm!”

Alex is hoping that this winter we will be able to go skiing and than Emma will make the most of her suit on the Swiss Alps slopes.

I simply know that this is an excellent quality clothing item that she will wear for years to come and for which I am very grateful to Tiny Trolls!

The overalls sell on the website for £119.92.

The company has an introductory offer at the moment and for every all season coverall bought you receive a gift packed micro fleece set of your choice (RRP £31.92). For any rain wear set or suit, you receive a free pair of mittens of your choice (RRP £13.99).

Disclaimer: we were sent the overall for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. That is one crazy price! I would never spend that amount of money of children’s clothes. Luckily we don’t need warm overalls here so I won’t need to anyway and luckily for you they were gifted.

      • They look very warm and cosy as well as practical. It’s been so cold recently so Blake has been wearing his snowsuit which my mum had got him.

  2. If you lived in a really cold place then I would spend that to ensure they were warm. I am not sure I would get the same value here in the UK

  3. TheLondonMum says

    They look amazing, we’re heading off on holiday to colder climes with our toddler, so this is a brand I’ll look into. Thank you.

  4. These look lovely and it’s great that kids won’t overheat which is always something I wonder when it’s cold rather than knee deep in snow!

  5. angel2rainbows says

    They look fab. I love being able to take my boys out even when it’s cold and miserable. These would be perfect.

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