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Elinens Bedding For Life Competition

I grew up with the smell of freshly ironed linen tightly interwoven with memories of celebrations, joy and fun.

No matter how busy she would have been preparing for Christmas, my mum always ensured there was fresh linen smelling divinely on the beds on Christmas Eve.

To us, as children, fresh, crisp bedding linen would have marked the beginning of the best season of the year, which entailed loads of home cooking, present opening and snow fighting.

When I moved to the UK and especially after having Emma, I tried to instill the same sensory association in our little family. I change our bedding often and love to have it all tidily ironed and crisp when it goes on the beds. To me, for a fraction of a second, it is like being back in time and the delight of fresh linen never goes away.

Elinens are a company after my own heart in this regard, as they do understand the powerful associations fresh linen can create and the sense of well being it can induce.

This festive season they have launched a wonderful giveaway which anyone can enter, it is as simple as adding your full name and email address, which would give one lucky winner the chance to win free bedding for life!

I have done my snooping around research and for the annual £100 the company offers the winner, we could have both ours and Emma’s bed linen renewed twice during the year. That means that twice a year, that wonderful fresh feeling would be created effortlessly by elinens for us, were we to win!

Here are some of the great options to consider:

Alex would love this double bed duvet and flat sheet option as it comes in bright yet masculine lines.


Since the shop sells luxury towels too, we could match our new bed linen to something like this:


They do also sell great kids’ bedding, Emma would probably love their butterfly one but this caught my eye as well, perfect for a little budding explorer:


The reason we would be able to do this twice a year is the reasonable pricing on the website, an Egyptian Cotton double duvet set goes for £31.47 while a children’s single duvet set is only £10.76.

The company is offering our readers an exclusive 10% voucher when using the code elinens11 at checkout.

Please have a look at the website, after you enter the competition, that is, and do let me know what is it you would be spending your winning prize on annually? Will it be bed linen, like us, or would you prefer bathroom items or living room accessories like throws and cushions?

Disclaimer: we were offered an incentive to create this blog post but all opinions expressed are true and entirely our own.

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  1. Kelley McKeown says

    Elinen – I’d never heard of them before.

    Their website is lovely. The single girls range would still be suitable for Maddie who is 10, a lot of site are too babyish by then.

    Adrian and I are hoping to get new wardrobes after christmas (sales please), so if I were to win, I’d decorate the room neutrally to make use of my prize of linen I can change twice (I do wash it in between ) a year 😉 !!

  2. I’ve not heard of them before but they look lovely! I love that blue bedding set. I agree, there’s nothing better than getting into bed with fresh bedding on! x

  3. Pssst, I have a bit of a confession to make. I am obsessed with Bed Linen. I am always buying new sets and my husband rolls his eyes at me every time. You can just imagine how happy we’d both be if I won a lifetime of free bedding!! Definitely entering. x

  4. TheLondonMum says

    I love fresh,clean bedding. It’s the best feeling ever getting under new bed sheets. x

  5. Messed Up Mum says

    I desperately need some bedding but while I’m skint unfortunately other things have to take priority, so I’ll be entering! I really love that one that Alex likes, like you said, masculine without being overpowering. xx

  6. hellobabysteph says

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but there is nothing nicer than fresh sheets! x

  7. I love a good bedding set or two. We have a super king size bed so it can be challenging sometimes trying to find one that fits and that matches the room.

  8. I have never heard of this company but I would have loved the Dinosaur bedding growing up, that is fantastic!

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