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Half-term fun with Joules!

I am very excited writing this blog post. For several reasons, which I will hurry to jot down for you, so you can cheer along!

First of all, we are going on holidays to Greece on Sunday! If you have read my previous post, you would know that travelling created tonnes of enthusiasm in our family, so we are all sorts of giggly these days!

Secondly, and I still cannot believe Emma’s luck to have been chosen to try out some of the new spring-summer collection as we will be featuring Joules in Greece, ladies and gents!

Well, this mummy will only be featuring her slippers and matching pyjama bottoms she got at Christmas in the outlet in Kildare Village 🙂 but Emma gets a makeover for spring with beautiful items from the new collection!

Joules Tops Girls

Greece is still sort of cold at the moment, with similar temperatures like here and the weather forecasts did show rain for when we arrive, so Emma will be able to wear proudly her new rain coat. We did try it out here two days ago but with temperatures close to zero, we had to return it to the peg and wait for warmer days. Not too long though, I am sure Emma will make excellent use of it when in Patra, even on sunny days, as the material is soft and the coat feel light and is a lovely fit on her frame.


For little boys who could do with a new spring coat or a wardrobe freshening up, this is what caught my eye on the website:


I really love the fir of the jacket and the matching wellies, couldn’t get any better, both in terms of fashion style and practicality, could it?

For those cooler days, Joules has brought out, for both girls and boys, warm, cosy sweatshirt, guaranteed to keep the chills out but allow freedom of movement and loads of fun!


The theme of the summer collection is definitely the applique, how incredibly cute are these:

I wish you all oodles of fun this half term, whether you spend it home or away!

We will be keeping our readers posted with pictures from Greece on our Instagram page, do have a peek from time to time next week!

Thank you again, Joules, for gifting Emma with her lovely t-shirt, top and coat, we love them and will wear them ever so proudly!

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  1. I love Joules! I have joules wellies which are bright pink with chickens all over them. They’re a brand from where I live so there’s a nice big shop ^_^

  2. Who doesn’t love Joules? I love the boys stuff. I would happily buy everything from there if my little boy didn’t grow out of clothes so quickly!

  3. I love joules! Their clothing is such good quality, and so many fantastic designs. We are really lucky as my sister works there so my two get some lovely gifts from her from time to time. x

  4. lifewithmunchers says

    Aw congratulations on the Joules collab! I adore their stuff…we stay in the country, so very fitting. I hope you enjoy your holiday!

  5. Never bought anything from Joules before but their clothing look gorgeous. As far as I remember it was quite expensive though.

  6. mummyburgess says

    We adore Joules in our house. I spend far too much money in there!! Have a great time in Greece xxx

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