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A Mother’s Day surprise from Tesco

Since it is International Women’s day today, I find it appropriate to write about the absolute treat Tesco organised with Alex’s help as my special Mother’s Day surprise.

It all started with a lovely email from their marketing team, asking for Alex’s email and having all to do with Mother’s Day. I am not daft, who does not like surprises, right, so I was quick to connect the two parties and let the whole thing in their apt hands.

Last Friday afternoon, a beautiful parcel arrived but I was not allowed to have even a peek in, as it came with strict instructions to be opened by Alex and Emma, close to Mother’s Day.

Saturday morning they decided to organise a rehearsal for Mother’s Day and I got treated in bed with beautiful porridge, loads of fresh fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice and loads of grins from both of them 🙂

Sunday was even better!

With the other bits that arrived in the hamper, Emma wrote me a beautiful card and delivered a hand decorated cookie while Alex used the bagels and one of the recipes included to treat me to cooked breakfast in bed again!

When I thought things couldn’t get any better, Alex announced that he was going to cook lunch too and so he did! A beautiful roast chicken and potatoes in the oven, all bought with the gift card the Tesco team had generously included in the hamper as well!

I am sorry, my photos were all taken with my iPhone, I am afraid, as I did not want to stage a photo shoot and spook the cook :-)!

Thank you, Tesco, for allowing my family to express their love on Mother’s Day in this way! I have truly appreciated all the pampering and your kind gesture made our day beautiful!

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  1. Oh how lovely, what a wonderful surprise, well done Emma and Alex (and Tesco). Hope you had a fabulous day, it certainly sounds like you did.

  2. mymodelmummy says

    Lucky Mama having a whole weekend of Mother’s Day!
    All looks delicious x

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