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A Dream Guesthouse

It has taken me a few days to get back to my blog as we had to travel down to Thessaloniki and then settle into our holiday apartment (I even manage to colour bleed all of Emma’s summer bedding, grrrr!). Anyway, here is a sneak peek of our local beach and the views we get of Thessaloniki, a city with which I have had a long love story, which started when I was 14. But this is another story, for another time…

As promised, I return with a review of our wonderful bed and breakfast in the mountains.

Just thinking of our stay in the Vogiatzopoulou Guesthouse in Agios Georgios on Mount Pilio and I get relaxed! ( I have added the link because the reviews the place gets there are accurate and reflect the high standards and quality of the service offered. But please don’t hesitate to contact Vasia, the young owner, directly, she speaks English and will offer you an excellent deal!)

What did we like about this place so much?

First of all, the fact that it has a history. The impressive house in which the guesthouse is now hosted has been in the family for three generations and has nurtured and served many dreams and aspirations. The B&B’s current owner, Vasia, is in her late 20s and has been a vision to us with her hard work, dedication and strife for excellence. Together with her lovely mum, they form the perfect hosting team! Do take time to listen to their stories, they are worth an extra coffee!

We dream of having a similar place in Greece at some point, a place where we can host and serve people, so we take inspiration from places like this, which show us dreams can come true.


Then, with the family history come the personal touches. They are felt delicately and sensibly not only in the decor, but also in the service and the attention to detail:



The part that got us most impressed, after the genuine warmth of the hosts, has been the wonderful breakfasts we enjoyed for two mornings. They are freshly made in the house, from the wonderful breads and pastries to the Cretan omelettes and freshly squeezed juice.



We LOVED having our breakfasts outside, in the cool breeze of the morning and with amazing views of the Pagasetic Gulf right before our eyes:


Our family room (one roomy front room for Emma, with a sofa bed which could sleep two and a beautiful bedroom for us, interconnected by a bathroom with a luxurious massage shower) cost us £77 per night, excellent value for money for the space we got with it and the amazing views:


I cannot end this post without giving the place a shout-out and praise for using local products and promoting local businesses. Our shower was kitted with these amazing bath products produced by Lavelia, a small business which will soon launch nationally. We loved the fact that they are free from chemicals and using local plants and the formula has been designed carefully by the owner, a pharmacist who is passionate about holistic well being. We have been in contact with Annia, the lovely owner, and ordered some already for taking home to Ireland with us!


This blog post hasn’t been sponsored in any way. I wrote about a wonderful place on the Mount Pilio that we truly enjoyed as a family and I do hope my review will benefit both the guesthouse and my readers who would visit someday soon!

My mum is arriving at the weekend and we are planning a visit to the Meteora monasteries with her, stay tuned for more travel posts!

Until then, wishing you once more, kalispera kai kali vradia!


  1. momknowsbest15 says

    This place looks so relaxing. I love that you can eat outside.

  2. What a stunning place to stay – we always used to stay in guest houses or taverna’s when we went to Greece and we prefered it to a hotel as more personal service

  3. Love the place and how they decorate it. Love as well the idea of having your meals outside. And the little girl is so cute!

  4. I super like this place. What a nice place to visit and stay for a while, I would love to spend my vacation in this house.

  5. This is a nice guest house, I would love to be a guest here. I like the place so much, will include this on our bucket list.

  6. Everything about this place and the guesthouse is beautiful! From the scenery to the building to the food to the room, it’s just awesome! And you look great! x

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful and they bring a lot of piece! 🙂
    I was in Greece a few years ago, but could only enjoy Athens… Oh, my! I missed so much!!!


  8. themamareport says

    That looks like an amazing place to stay! I’ve never been to Greece, but I hope to visit at some point. When I do I’ll have to checkout this place to stay.

  9. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s such a lovely place and it’s impossible to not be able to relax in a place like this! I think it’s the perfect getaway especially if you’re looking for some R&R!

  10. havent heard of Thessaloniki but it sounds amazing and i love that it has such rich history behind it.
    Amazing photos! i would love to visit there

  11. How breathtaking! Seems perfect for relaxing. The view is so stunning. I even like the beautiful metal lattice-style work in the window.

  12. What a lovely place. The breakfasts look great and the scenery looks so relaxing to be surrounded by.

  13. Now that would be the type of vacation I would love. Just sitting out on the patio and taking in that gorgeous view of the sea, that it what life is all about!

  14. serenityyou says

    It looks so beautiful there. And the breakfast looks so delicious

  15. Eileen xo says

    What an amazing location! I love the openness and to have such a peaceful breakfast place. What a fantastic spot to be

  16. It is indeed a very beautiful guesthouse. And for £77 a night, that’s cheap, considering you get that lovely home made breakfast and that amazing view.

  17. Such a beautiful guest house & the pictures are so exciting as well. I am sure you had a wonderful stay out there & I am in love with those delicious foods too!

  18. This looks beautiful! Love having breakfast outdoors when on holiday, and with that view too! Just gorgeous. So pleased you had a lovely time xx

  19. What beautiful photos, Oana! It does look like a beautiful place to stay in. I am lucky enough to be visiting Thessaloniki in early October, and our family will be staying in nearby Halkidiki next April where we’ll be during the Greek Easter celebrations. Your post has made me even more excited. And yes, it is also our dream to own a home there too. Have a good time and kalo taxidi for your return!

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