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Back to school essentials

The summer has flown by, it seems and Emma is due back to school next Monday. This has been the first year when I have truly enjoyed the summer with her, she is a young girl now, no longer a baby who needs entertainment and attending to 24/7. She has come in leaps and bounds this summer, not only physically but also in her own self: more caring and understanding but also more confident and inquisitive about the world around her, which has been an absolute delight to see.


She will be going into Primary 3 (year 2 in England) and this year, unlike the summer before, I have been super prepared,  and bought her whole uniform from M&S at the end of June, taking advantage of their 20% off offer at the time.

I even got her shoes using the same offer, risky since her feet usually grow during the summer months more than at any other time, but it has proved a good move and they do fit nicely for now.

Last year, I loved our My Nametags uniform stickers and they did the job perfectly, so when the company approached us again about their new Mr Men and Little Miss range, we gladly agreed to another collaboration. I do recommend them, once again, despite their pricing. They do a stellar job, stick on easily and stay put for the whole year, never losing grip or colour. I used them on Emma’s school clothing, shoes, pencils and Twistables and I simply love the quality and designs.


Now, you would have thought that my job was done with all the above bought and neatly stored away, but when House of Fraser contacted me about back to school bags and accessories, I did realise we were still missing a few bits and bobs!

Again, I had managed to purchase Emma’s school bag in sales in June, it is a beautiful Joules one, with a matching lunch box, very much like the ones available on the House of Fraser website:

I_244969751_00_20160712I_245227966_00_20160712What I hadn’t thought about were the PE bag, which I wanted to be as stylish as her school bag, a pencil case for her Twistables and a new set of plastic lunch boxes to fit into her new Joules bag.

I had no trouble finding what I was looking for on the website. House of Fraser stocks up many of my favourite brands and in no time, I had exactly what I was looking for. Aren’t they simply gorgeous?


As always, communication and delivery were prompt and top quality. My items came at a bit more than £30, reasonable given both the practical and the cuteness factor! As with my every collaboration with House of Fraser, I never worry about the quality of my products either, since they do always tend to stock up reputable companies, with long established names, which provide excellent value for money.

Are your children starting school as soon as my Emma? Are you all ready for them going back?

Disclosure: we were offered the products mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and truthful.


  1. Aw my boy has that T-shirt! He starts Reception this September so it’s the first time we did any school shopping – it feels so weird! I’ll keep an eye out for the 20% offers next time. I love the pink PE bag, she’s certainly going to look the most stylish, and I like the Mr Men name stickers, they look really fun! xx

  2. Emma will look fabulous in all her new gear for the new school year. I used to love getting all my stationary ready for school when I was little. I used to unpack and then repack my school bag many times over the holidays just for fun xx

  3. That backpack is ever so cute! It sounds like you’ve had a great summer, it seems to have completely flown by! x

  4. I love the backpack. last year I was organised and bought in the M&S 20% sale and they grew out of them and I had to go back and exchange them. This year I got them last week!

  5. My eldest has just turned 6 and these holidays have been wonderful too. They change so much and you only really see it when they aren’t immersed in school. One day I hope to be organised for back to school long before the day before it starts.

  6. Eek I always used to get excited about new bits for the new school year when I was younger. How cute is the Joules bag?! We were sent the cat lunch box and my daughter loves it!x

  7. I’ve managed to get away with not buying much for the new term. I tend to end up buying midway through the year now as they grow. I have got some things the next size up in case I find they have had a growth spurt next Thursday morning!

  8. I am happy to hear you are both happy. That is just great! I love the Joules products too and that flowery bag is just the cutest thing ever!

  9. I adore everything you have chosen here. Those bags from Joules are adorable. Little Miss H is starting pre-school next week and I am completely disorganised. I hadn’t even thought about name labels but I think that I need to check out My Nametags. They look perfect. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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