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Autumn Fashion for Children


Emma has been in school for three weeks almost, can you believe how fast time flies?

The weather has been very kind to us in Northern Ireland and has stayed dry for most of September but the mornings have started to be crisp and cold so it is time to move on to warmer shoes and jackets.

Kids always tend to grow from one year to another, especially when they are as young as Emma is, so upon inspection, almost all of her last year’s autumn jackets’ sleeves stop way above her wrist and her shoes have long since been passed on!

So we were thrilled (and this mummy, very relieved!) then we were approached by two lovely companies which offered Emma that essential yet fashionable autumn gear she needs!

I will start with Go Outdoors, which have recently opened a branch in Newtownabbey, very close to where we live! I was very ignorant and knew nothing about the amazingly wide stock on offer; them contacting me gave me a much needed chance to familiarise myself with the store. Everything one needs for being outdoors is basically available, from clothing and footwear for all sorts of outdoor activities (fishing, horse riding, cycling, camping) to the auxiliary gear, like bikes, tents and portable toilets (yes, for real!)

The store offered us a choice of items for autumn so this practical mummy decided to go for the new Retort jacket from Dare2Be, a warm yet girly jacket and Merrell waterproof sneakers for Emma.

Retort Jacket

Merrell Waterproof

The jacket is warm and cozy yet light while the walking shoes are bright and sturdy yet again, light on the feet. Their delivery was swift and the communication manner warm and professional. I think that for £35 each both the jacket and the shoes are great purchases and will definitely see us through this autumn and winter season, come rain or freezing weather!

Now, talking of shoes, I need to tell you about a very special pair Emma got sent all the way from America!

The UIN shoes have been around for a while in the States but it was only at the beginning of this summer that they made an appearance on the European market.

If I were to describe the UIN shoes in one word, I would say “colourful” and something both grown ups and children alike will adore wearing. Amine, the children’s shoe shop owner, has translated the larger UIN concept into a practical yet still true to its colours mold.


The shop has also this ethos I enthusiastically subscribe to: for every pair of children’s shoes purchased, they donate one school kit to a child in need through the #Walk2School program!

Emma was gifted a Childhood pair from the new launched kids’ range and says that they are “light and comfortable, mummy!”



The pair goes for $45 but Amine has kindly offered our readers a $10 discount with the 10GC/SEP code. Do hurry but, as the code expires at the end of this month!

I think we are truly ready for autumn now, two beautiful pairs of shoes and a warm jacket to keep Emma warm and stylish, all at the same time!

Have you moved on to warmer wear yourself? Do your little ones have everything they need for the approaching cold season?

Disclosure: we have received the items above for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are truthful and entirely my own.


  1. We haven’t taken out the warmer clothes just yet. Mainly because I am indoors and so are the kids. We are still using the rain jackets but I have purchased a new light coat for my youngest.

  2. Le Coin de Mel says

    The jacket looks perfect for days out in the autumn! It’s a really nice shade of red, too.

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