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Life Changing Transformation with The Body Confidence

I have always been proportionate when it comes to my weight but losing my son in 2014 put my mind and body under unimaginable stress and I resorted to food for a fake sense of comfort. Before I knew it, I had ballooned by almost 2 stones and my body confidence reached rock bottom. I started wearing size 14 clothes, from an average 10-12 beforehand. I did try on several occasions to go on diets and exercise programs but failed miserably, as I found them too strict.



These photos were taken in 2014 and 2016 respectively and show the massive weight gain. Not proud of the second one and my double chins…

This summer, I followed the weight loss journey of another fellow blogger and was amazed at the results she managed to achieve in only eight weeks. And then, Ru-Tee, the founder of The Body Confidence program, decided to take on more bloggers and I did literally jump at the opportunity. I knew that if I were to lose weight, I could do it only within a mentored program which did not drag on forever and this is exactly what The Body Confidence is all about!

From day one, Ru-Tee took me under her wing, so to say. The weekly conference calls were used not only to monitor our progress but also, in equal measure, to celebrate our victories and be given loads of encouragement and praise.

The Facebook group Ru-Tee has set up and running for all the new “recruits” was a daily encouragement, especially in those first few days, when withdrawal symptoms from caffeine and gluten made us all a bit batty :-).

The menus were amazing, easy to shop for and cook, even after a very busy day. I loved the flexibility they gave me also as I felt I did not have to stick to a strict list but was able to mix meals as my appetite and time dictated.

The best part of the program?

Being able to take control of my eating and my well being!

The program did become, as Ru-Tee had promised, a lifestyle and not only a fad for a couple of months. I have been off it for the past three weeks but I have continued to cook my meals following the guidelines in the program and more importantly, my weight has continued to drop!

Specifically, I have managed to reduce 44.5 inches in the eight weeks (which has made me the biggest “loser” on the program!!) and I also dropped nearly 2 jeans sizes. Although Ru-Tee does not encourage us to weigh ourselves while on the program, I know that at the end of August when I returned from Greece I was at my heaviest ever, at 82.6 kilos and that this morning, I am 73.6 kilos, which brings my weight loss to almost 1.5 stones!

I wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone who is ready for a similar empowering journey. The next one will start on Saturday the 17th of December and is priced at £450.

Disclaimer: I was offered the program free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and truthful. All the hardwork that went into getting those amazing results has been mine and I truly hope my blog post will encourage many people to embark on this amazing program!


  1. Well done Oana! You look awesome and best of all you have taken control of a healthy lifestyle change. Hip hip hooray for you! ❤

  2. Le Coin de Mel says

    Oh my goodness, the programme sounds amazing and the before-after photo not only shows a great transformation on a physical perspective, but also a happier, smily lady who’s proud of her body. You go, girl! I’ve also struggled with my body in the past couple of years. After always being the same weight, I’ve put on 1 and a half stone in the past year and I don’t recognise myself and hate my body…

  3. Well done you, that is an amazing weight loss and it sounds like a really interesting program. I have tried so many diets and failed, or succeeded only to put more weight back on that it is really easy to get dispirited with dieting, but I like the idea of maintaining the program once you have lost the weight.

  4. Oh that sounds great! I am still about a stone overweight from my baby weight despite my ‘baby’ now being three…

  5. Well done on your weight loss lovely, you’re looking amazing and should be very proud of yourself. The program sounds great and clearly works going by your results! xx

  6. BloggerMummyLauren says

    Well done for putting in the effort, you’ve got fantastic results from it! Looks like a great programme!

  7. thingssarahloves says

    Well done, you’ve done incredibly well and the results speak for themselves. I’ve just been through my second transplant and my body has changed a lot so you’ve really inspired me.

  8. Congrats lady that’s amazing and it’s amazing to hear that your self confidence is coming back inleaps and bounds x

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