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January health product review

January is always a “blah” month, wellbeing experts say. The holiday letdown, the extra weight accumulated during Christmas, the dark evenings and cold days, the New Year resolutions that we weren’t able to keep, they all lead to low moods. This year, we were lucky enough to be sent a number of health products to review, all aiming to give us more energy, keep us in good form and combat those January blues. We have been avid consumers of vitamin C since we travelled to New York a few years back and we were told by a friend and expert in alternative medicine to “abuse” the use of vitamin C before and  after our long flights. “One every hour, on the hour” proved to be precious advice and kept us energised and virus-free. So when I was asked to review the new Californian vitamin mix drink Emergen-C , I jumped at the opportunity. We were generously sent a mixture of the Super Orange and the Juicy Strawberry effervescent drinks which I put to use almost …

Healthy Living Challenge: Day 23 – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

We are not Catholic but I believe my child benefits from being immersed into the Irish traditions since she will most likely live her childhood here. So yesterday we attended a day of fun activities at the Belfast City Hall including, as you can see above, face-painting, tattoos, arts and crafts, snake petting and traditional storytelling. Emma loved it all, especially the storytelling time, the magic of the fairy stories, the flute playing and the good craic. This morning I decided to celebrate, healthy style, the occasion myself. I made myself a lovely smoothie with pear, avocado, pineapple, fresh basil leaves, coconut milk and spirullina powder, to make it nice and green. I served it into a Murphy’s stout mug :-). Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!