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Why I love my toddler

It’s not a secret and I have written about it before, I didn’t have an easy start with my baby. She was refluxy, I had hypothyroidism, not a great combination. I am doing this volunteer course for supporting mothers with difficulties at the moment and I’ve come to realise that I should have had some reassurance back then. I found it so hard, coping with my own emotions and minding an ever crying baby. But this is in the past and I suppose it makes me appreciate even more having a beautifully balanced toddler now.

I’m gonna, randomly and as it comes to mind, make a list of how my toddler melts my heart on a daily basis:

-she uses “Peas(please)” and “Tenk(thank) you” all the time. Especially when she’s after a round of “Yeea, yeea,oooh” on my computer but also when she’s offered a drink, her favourite food or help with dressing up.

-she’s ever so determined to do things herself. Be it either a puzzle, eating her cereal in the morning, putting her jammies on or getting into her car seat, she wants to be able to do it without help.

-she’s so committed to finish what she starts, which is amazing for a toddler. And a beautiful quality which will help her to make way in life!

– she loves tenderly and unconditionally. Her daddy, myself and ALL her friends and relatives. It’s common practice for her to just sit down with me and go through the whole list, asking how everybody is doing. Just out of pure care.

– she’s becoming a chatterbox! She would try now and string everything into sentences.  It doesn’t always come out as a full sentence but it’s wonderful to see her try! Yesterday she was out with daddy and came back to tell me: “Mummy, boys wash daddy’s car! Emma shops, got oranges.”

– she frightens easily and needs reassurance. She is scared of hoovers, bin trucks, cats and the dark. There is an episode in Peppa Pig when Daddy Pig goes in the basement for a few seconds and the screen goes all black. For her, that’s the equivalent of a horror movie and she would run into the kitchen to find me and get a cuddle.

– she’s creative, as creative as a two year old can be! She loves painting, singing, dancing and dressing up!

– she knows how to be happy! She takes pleasure in what we consider small and ordinary things: spending time with both of us, having a chocolate ice-cream, playing with her kitchen, doing a pipi on her potty and getting praise for it!

– she takes pleasure in being friends and sharing her toys and misses her friends’ company when they’re sick or when she hasn’t seen them for a while.

– she forms thoughts that leave us speechless sometimes. The other week she asked about her friends and their baby sisters and then she turned to us and, as a natural flow in the big sister-baby sister conversation, asked us where her baby was!

– she’s a girlie girl and she would sit sometimes and let me put bows in her hair and then go and admire herself in the mirror.

– she’s my gift from above and I am still in reverent awe that she was given to ME to raise into a responsible adult! Wow!

Sunday treat, chocolate ice-cream

Check you out, Peppa Pig!

Ever so committed to finish what she has started


  1. I absolutely adore your Emma as a baby, as a toddler as a beautiful young girl, that she is becoming and an amazing woman that she will be-like her mother. You are so lucky and blessed. Well done for coping so well and coming out of the hard beginnings.I wish you many many days and years ahead filled with happy shared moments!

  2. I had a tough start with my toddler too but he melts my heart every day as well. Such a great idea to make a list of all the little things you don’t think you’ll ever forget but probably will!!

    • Yes, MamaPlus, that was the idea, they grow so fast and these things are replaced by new ones and before we know it, they are forgotten!

    • MamaPlus, thank you! Yes, my mum never did and I still feel she had kept a record. It’s so much easier for our generation, isn’t it? Enjoy your toddler!!

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