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What’s haven for Mama’s Haven?

I’d love to say that I am sporty and I go running, swimming and Zumba dancing regularly…But I’m not sporty, I can’t run more than 90 second intervals and 15 minutes in total on a treadmill, I can’t swim and the first(and last) time I went for a Zumba class I almost had an apoplexy.

So how do I relax and stay healthy?

Thank goodness, hubby has been into super healthy eating since baby was born(as he explains now, he needed a project himself, since I had mine:raising the baby!) so I haven’t had many opportunities to pig out and pile up the weight. At the end of the day, I’m the one doing all the super healthy cooking! I enjoy cooking, theoretically and it used to relax me. I say it “used to” because almost a year ago baby went through a phase when she refused anything to eat except, well…crap food. I started to stress out so much that every meal time became a nightmare. She’s past the exclusive junk phase but I still find myself cooking two different meals most evenings since  she’s stayed hooked up on a select few: scrambled eggs and spinach, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, fish fingers and corn on the cob; tons of rice, pasta and chicken(plain), couscous and…strawberries.  Oh, pizza but she’s not allowed to have it more than once every other week! And cooking is not plain sailing as it used to be pre-baby. Now it’s all about choosing easy recipes, planning ahead and finishing before she starts looking for attention. Which never happens, by the way…Despite it all, I still enjoy cooking, theoretically ;-)and would go on a cooking spree from time to time(last night I made fish tagine and Greek spinach pie in the space of an hour, just for the love of it!).  I will try and take photos sometimes and post some of my recipes, if I can figure a way to squeeze photography in the kitchen…

My favourite way to relax has been and still is READING. Hubby got me a Kindle for my birthday and I must have read around ten electronic books since January. I intend to write reviews once I can make a list of what I’ve read recently. I am constantly looking for good reads so if you have any recommendations, drop me a note, will you?

Oh, and I love watching documentaries and programs when home alone and toddler in bed. The Biggest Loser, You Are What You Eat and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding sort of programs…


Well, enough of it for tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow with what tomorrow brings. Have a relaxing evening, I know I will…


  1. Sleeping Mom says

    I loooove reading too. Right now I’m reading “Little Princes,” but I’m just in the beginning so I don’t know how it’ll turn out lol. But I do recommend “These Is My Words” (it’s pretty funny) as well as “Katherine,” and “The Book Thief.”

    • Sleeping Mama, thank you!!I will follow these up. Reading is my me time and I cherish it, especially now that I have a little one.

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