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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I wrote in my last post about things that relax me. This morning I went grocery shopping(another thing that relaxed me, especially when done on my own, on a Friday morning, looking for good deals in Tesco’s!) and then the thought came to me: can I find 50 things that make me happy? I did this exercise several times in the last six years but I never did it with such a big number…Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the epiphanies my catharsis will bring. Just bear with me, that’s all I’m saying, this is gonna be another random order list!

  1. I like the rain. Its sound relaxes and soothes me.
  2. I love rustling autumn leaves.
  3. I like good quality ice-cream. Movenpick and Mauds come to mind.
  4. I like studying. To the point that when I signed up for my Master degree my dad pulled me aside and told me the story of this very smart PhD. student who lost his marbles from too much reading.
  5. I’m interested in photography. I’d like to get a good camera and attend a photography course one day.
  6. I’m interested in other cultures(well, I married a Greek and I live in Ireland). I love learning new words, cooking in new ways, talking to people who have a different background than mine.
  7. I like blue and red and purple(can’t choose only one, sorry!).
  8. I like artisan work and I’m always on the lookout for pretty things for the house or for Emma.
  9. I love bargain shops!
  10. I love snow at Christmas and good weather at Easter, they make the celebrations kind of…perfect!
  11. I love weekends away when they include a full Irish/English breakfast, the morning paper, a relaxed walk and shopping in Penney’s/Primark.
  12. I love barbeques! I don’t care what it is(sausages, burgers, chicken and veggie skewers, fish), everything tastes better when cooked on an open fire.
  13. I love hyacinths( my dad used to bring hyacinths every Mother’s Day for my mum and myself when I  was a child.)
  14. I love flowers, actually, when they sit pretty and brighten my living room.
  15. I love trees in blossom, I always associate them with love…
  16. I love watermelon and have missed eating it messily and carelessly since I moved to Ireland. It’s best in August but we are normally back by then from our sunny holidays…
  17. I love babies, they get me all giggly and soft inside.
  18. I love dressing my little girl in pretty things.
  19. I like looking smart/sexy from time to time. Gives me a boost.
  20. I like driving when there are no distractions from the back seat. Puts my thoughts in order.
  21. I like doing crafts with my wee one but I’m never happy with the results. Let’s just say, I’m not very artistically endowed myself. But I’m trying!
  22. I love coffee mornings with friends.
  23. I love well fitting jeans, make the start of my day so much brighter!
  24. I love nice smelling hand creams, lotions and potions!
  25. I love to collect Emma’s “art”, I have a big folder in the garage bursting with drawings, cards…etc. I want her to see them when she grows up and feel appreciated in this way, too.
  26. I love to travel and I’d love to see even more of this world. I’d like to do the tour of Romania, go back to Australia and see South America.
  27. I like planes.
  28. I like having my photo taken and taking photos of others.
  29. I like balloons.
  30. I like going to the movies and eating nachos.
  31. I love Diet Coke at the moment.
  32. I like teaching when the recipients are interested in learning(I’m a teacher by profession).
  33. I like horses. They are in my opinion majestic animals that deserve my respect.
  34. I like reading. Romantic Christian novels at present.
  35. I like cooking. I’m useless at baking though.
  36. I like having my nails done.
  37. I’d like to believe in people’s goodness and genuineness.
  38. I love seeing old couples in acceptance of each other(I wouldn’t say in love because it’s much more than a rose tinted view of each other.)
  39. I love observing older people, how they talk about/deal with the mundane.
  40. I love peaches and cherries and pineapples(I can’t really eat much as I get all these sores in my mouth if I touch the peel).
  41. I love my mum.
  42. I love knowing what’s ahead of me, be it for a week, a month or a year.
  43. I appreciate the power of routines but I have a hard time staying motivated when in one.
  44. I love McDonald’s cherry pie!
  45. I used to love cycling as a child, should give it a go again one of these days.
  46. I love going to the beach with Emma, even on a not-so-warm day.
  47. I like trains.
  48. I like many capital cities but Edinburgh is the one I’d like to revisit soon.
  49. I like to wear slippers when inside, my feet are always cold otherwise.
  50. I’d love to have some mackerel  for lunch, what about you ?;-)


  1. Oh, really??Do you miss it,I’m sure you do! That explains your St.Patrick’s posts this week, so cool! All the best from Bangor then :-)!

  2. This is a great exercise! Every night I think about a few things that make me happy or that I’m thankful. It keeps things in perspective!

    • Yes, Sleeping Mom, I used to do that a while ago, as you say, it helps appreciate what we have!

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