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Easter pics-past and present

I am reminiscing today through pictures about what Easter looked like before we had a childΒ  and how it is these days for our wee family. Enjoy these memories with me!

Easter Monday, 2008. Short stay in Dublin before we headed for Greece to celebrate it with hubby's family.

Easter 2008- day trip in the mountains with two of hubby's brothers.

Easter 2009- I must have been three months pregnant. I was looking forward to her arrival!

Easter 2010- baby at four months, having a go at an Easter egg! A preview of the days to come, little did I know!

Easter shots, April 2011- matching hairbands and happy girls!

Nom, nom, Easter 2011- that Easter bunny was tasty!

Easter eggs, 2011- I had help with those from teenagers in church.

Easter 2012

Oh, I almost forgot! This Easter I discovered a Romanian grocer's here in Northern Ireland and bought all these goodies to remind me of home! My daughter and my hubby were even more eager than I and we finished a big, massive Cozonac(Romanian cake) in 10 minutes!


  1. Ionela says

    Foarte faina idea sa pui pozele astea. Imi aduc aminte Pastele din 2008. Ati venit la noi inainte sa va duceti in Patra. Am mancat peste pe malul marii in Ag. Marina. Tineam minte si fetisoara Emmei de cand avea 4 luni cu oul ei de cioacolata. E un copil foarte dulce πŸ™‚

    • Da, am vrut sa pun poza cu voi dar m-am gindit ca poate o sa va suparati! Ce s-au schimbat lucrurile de atunci, eram tinere si prea linistite, nu ;-)?xx

  2. Ionela says

    Si acum suntem tinere dar mai obosite si cu mai multe griji πŸ™‚

  3. My daughter i law is Romanian and is called Oana too! Love the look of that cake – yum yum and your daughter is a sweetheart

  4. The above comment is mine although it leads to my nephews blog on Lego which I set up over Easter and obviously forgot to sign out of – sorry for that!

  5. A previous comment of mine mentions my daughter in law is Romanian and her name is Oana too but I signed in with my nephew’s blog page Loopy Lego! Sorry about that, I set it up at the weekend for him and forgot to sign out of it πŸ™‚

  6. As they say 3rd time lucky, my daughter in law is Oana and she is from Romania too πŸ™‚ Your daughter is a sweetheart and I love the look of that cake – delicious

    • Hihihi. Thank you for compliments(oh, the cake was from LIdl, by the way!) and I am sure your daughter in law is promoting Romania actively as a country of lovely, welcoming and hospitable people :-).xx

  7. Greece is such a fabulous place to spend Easter. It’s THE celebration of the year really for the Greeks. Your photos are lovely and your daughter such a raven beauty!!

    • Definitely! Romania is very much the same. They’re going to celebrate Easter this weekend actually and I would love to be there!

  8. It is always good to remember the days BC (before child) to realise how much time you had on our hands – then they arrive and your life is not your own anymore – but they are worth it and it looks like you had a good Easter!

  9. actuallymummy says

    Oh, so no change then, apart from someone to offload all the chocolate on to! Congrats on the grocery!

    • :-). We ended up with ridiculous amounts of chocolate so I have decided that next year we’ll buy none since she gets loads from friends/nursery…etc.

  10. how lovely to showcase your Easters like that, its funny how things change when we have children πŸ™‚ Lovely photographs x

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